Thursday, April 18

New Ninkasi Releases, and Millionth Case Sold

Tomorrow, we will be selling our one-millionth (that’s right!) case of beer through Maletis, our Portland distributor. While we are excited to reach this mark in such a short amount of time, we are reminded of the overwhelming and continuous support of the retailers, the people who drink craft beer, and our distributor in Portland who have all contributed to building a strong craft beer community!

Along with our friends at Maletis, members of our Ninkasi family will help deliver the one-millionth case to an account in Portland – and we’ll be inviting any and all Ninkasi beer drinkers to join us in celebration as we raise a glass to the wonderful beer community! Specific location will be announced tomorrow on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so stay tuned!

And now on to the releases….

Coalition Beer Release and Events

Hey Friends!

We've got some awesome new beers coming your way!  I hope you don't have plans for your weekend, because chances are that you are going to spend it drinking tasty brews after reading this!

Thursday, April 11

Legendary Brewmaster John Harris is Opening a New Brewery and Pub

Legendary Brewmaster John Harris is opening a new brewery and pub and has a special public event for it on April 28th, from 2-4pm. No beer yet, but the event will have floor plans, information regarding the project, company graphic design elements, and T-Shirts!

Event Details:

WHO: John Harris, brewmaster with 26 years of experience, including two years with McMenamins’ breweries, four years with Deschutes, and 20 years with Full Sail.

WHAT: Brewery and Brewpub Sneak Preview and Name Unveiling

WHERE: 805 N Cook St., Portland, OR, 97227

WHEN: Sunday, April 28, 2013. 2-4pm Public Open House

WHY: Get an inside look at the new Portland brewery being started by an Oregon brewing pioneer, John Harris. John will be on hand to talk about the space and answer questions. There will also be renderings and floorplan displays for public viewing, and t-shirts for sale.

Monday, April 8

Oppose State Tax Increase for Washington Small Brewers

Dear AHA, BA and Support Your Local Brewery Members,
The Washington Brewers Guild has requested that beer enthusiasts take action to oppose a state tax increase detrimental to small and independent brewers and craft beer consumers.
Please read the following information provided by the .

Washington small brewers are asking you to contact your state elected officials to oppose the five-fold increase of the beer excise tax contained in Governor Jay Inslee's proposed budget.
Under the proposal, the per barrel tax would rise to at least $20.50 from the current $4.78, putting Washington's beer taxes among the highest in the nation.
If such a tax were enacted, there would be immediate negative impacts to beer drinkers:
  • The price per keg of beer would increase by at least $15.00.
  • The cost of a pint could increase by as much as $1.00.
  • Bottled and canned beer prices would go up as well.
  • Less consumer choice at retail as small breweries struggle to remain competitive.

Double Mountain Four Horsemen Series Tap Takeover

Portland, OR – Join Double Mountain brewery and Bazi on Friday, April 12 from 5-9 PM as we drink our weekend to Tax Day with a special tap takeover featuring the beers from the Four Horsemen series. You've probably had one here and there, now is your opportunity to have all four in one place.

Beers of the Apocalypse: WHITE RIDER OF CONQUEST: Strong Belgian-style Blonde Ale
A big, golden-hued flavor bomb with heady alcohol and silky mouthfeel. Abundantly estery yeast notes underpinned by enticing hoppiness. “Perilously drinkable” (to cop a phrase from Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter). First of the "Four Horsemen" series.
8.7% ABV, 29 BU

Wednesday, April 3

Full Sail Brewing Releases ESB for Spring in their New Rotating Pub Ales Series

Hood River, Oregon – Full Sail Brewing has just announced the release of the next beer in their new rotating line of classic ales called the Pub Series.  The second beer in the series, Extra Special Bitter (ESB) is a medium-bodied ale with caramel complexity and a crisp hoppy finish. This new series features ales that had only previously been available at Full Sail’s Tasting Room & Pub.

“For as anyone lucky enough to stop for a pint at our Pub in Hood River, Oregon, knows it’s a spectacular place to share a beer with friends. The Full Sail Pub Series captures that experience in a bottle and lets you share it with all your friends. Each selection will be available for only 90 days before the next gets its turn to shine. Just like each epic season in the Gorge,” said Irene Firmat, Full Sail Brewing’s Founder and CEO.