Thursday, September 6

Drink This! Celebrating Artisan Beverages In The Heart Of Vancouver

"The central Vancouver Artisan beverage makers will be hosting DrinkThis!, a coordinated event between 17 businesses celebrating the many craft beverages made right locally. What makes this event unique is that the actual makers will be present to give live demonstrations and answer questions about their craft.

 The event will include 2 wineries, 3 breweries, 4 coffee roasters, and a tea blender. The stroll stretches from 6th Street to 20th Street in the central Vancouver corridor. Businesses will be open extra hours offering unique and special tastings. Live music will be in some venues as well.

This is an open event with the mission of raising awareness in the community of the burgeoning craft beverage industry here in Vancouver. Participants can begin at any of the businesses where they can pick up a map to plan their evening and be sure to hit all of the locations. For more information, link to our Facebook page: "

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