Monday, June 11

Vancouver's First Ever Outdoor Beer Fest "Who's Your Daddy"

"We're getting close to the VERY FIRST outdoor craft beer festival in Vancouver, WA!  Bring your friends, neighbors, fathers and strangers!  Full of hops, dads, beer enthusiasts, tin foil hats, Adam's Rib, and YOU!  

On Saturday, June 16th, we are proud to present the third annual Who's Your Daddy event, a beer festival taking place in Turtle Place in beautiful downtown Vancouver.  All proceeds will benefit CDM services, a local nonprofit providing in-home care to those in need.  

We are very excited to announce that you will be able to purchase pre-sale tickets up until the day before the festival!  If you prepay, you will pay less ($12 instead of $15) so get online and buy your tickets! You may pay at the festival gate, BUT, we are only able to accept cash. 
We do want to remind you that as Who's Your Daddy is the same weekend as the Vancouver USA Marathon, not to mention Farmer's Market, parking will be sparse- we request that you carpool, take public transit, or walk!  For those of you that will be biking, we are working on having some bike racks available to lock your bike to.  
Designated drivers have a reduced admission of $5, and free water and soda will be available for them. Designated drivers  will not be allowed to partake in any drinking whatsoever. If a designated driver is caught imbibing (even the smallest taste), their entire party will be asked to leave the festival.  We appreciate your understanding and expect cooperation, thanks."

Noon - 9pm

Purchase your tickets here:

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