Sunday, June 10

Brewligan's Bottleshop & Taproom In Troutdale, OR

I made it a point this weekend to get out and hit a few places that I haven't been to before. Brewligan's showed up some months back on my radar, especially because I used to live nearby in Gresham, OR briefly because of work and girlfriend, both of which are in the past (though I still work for the same company, just now north in Vancouver, WA. The breakup on my part forced the move north, and I like to use the income tax savings as an excuse for the move).

I am all open ear's and eyes when I hear about a new small business serving fine craft beer. Especially in my neck of the woods here in the northwest. I finally made it out to Brewligan's today for an afternoon drive. I popped in to meet the owner, take a few pics, and see what the place was all about. John the owner was very cool, and had a lot of good things to say about the area, and breweries around the parts, and his old stomping grounds. We had something in common. I gave him a few of my business cards, and told him what my blog was all about. Pure grassroots craft beer advocacy.

The joint is off 257th down the little business strip which is dubbed "Troutdale's Entrance To The Gorge" or something along those lines. It's a nice little business strip if you plan on a nice drive through the gorge on the Oregon side via the old Columbia River Hwy.

I took a few pics outside, and then walked in. It took me a couple tries to find a comfortable seat, but alas, I had found one. The place was pretty slow (as expected for being a Sunday, and about 3:00pm when I showed). If I am checking a place out, I don't want it to be during a mad brewers bash or tasting event. I ordered a White Wit brew from Maui which I hadn't tried, and was pleasantly surprised by it. It is a sunny day, and the beer hit the spot. It was quite good.

I talked a little with John, and we chatted a bit about other business which are alike, and he spoke highly of a lot of other smaller establishments that I hadn't even heard of yet. I try to keep up on everything, but it is pretty difficult, not being employed by,  or a part of the industry.

Some locals, buds, and regulars showed up with a Nintendo 64 for a Super Mario Kart tournament which they hooked up right behind the bar on a flatscreen TV. I thought that was pretty rad, since that was a game I played very often back in my post-high school days. I told them they should have a James Bond Goldeneye tournament so I could bust in there and smoke all their asses'!

The bottle selection was small, but finely chosen. John expressed his concern with keeping beers fresh and to-date. I like that. I find that to be very important for a bottleshop. After all, where in Troutdale can one get such great bottles? I think it's a nice spot. A hidden gem really.

There are 5 beers on tap, and John expressed to me that they often have Boneyard's Imperial IPA Hop Venom on tap. He goes through them quick because he often has a special growler fill price of $11 for it. That is pretty much unheard of in most places. So the kegs go fast. He does however keep a nice selection on tap of heavier beers, and light for just having 5 taps. I like that.

The joint was comfortable, and had a "living room-like" atmosphere which was chill, unique, and overall pretty cool. It's nice to see someone create a cool niche in an area lacking some good craft beer options and taprooms.

I hope to limber up my N64 thumb, and get in there to share some good times, bust some ass, and have a killer beer again soon.

Check it out if you are on the road up to Mt. Hood, Hood River, or even on your way back west on I-84. It's just a simple shot off it. It's small, it's comfortable, and the people are great.

275 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Troutdale, Oregon
We're Open:
Sunday: 12 - 8ish
Monday - Thursday: 3 - 10ish
Friday - Saturday: 12 - 10ish
If you're here were staying open!
Feel free to call us at 503-489-5919

Twitter: @Brewligans

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