Sunday, June 10

A Beer At A Time, In Washougal, WA

I work on the edge of Vancouver where it meets with Camas. Some of my coworkers live in Washougal and mentioned to me some time ago that a new bottleshop had opened out there. Of course these coworkers are not quite as into craft beer as I, so the enthusiasm wasn't quite there. After all, there are bottleshops closer to me, and Washougal is just a small town. What could they possibly offer? More recently I ran into, and met @BrewDad at another local bottleshop and taproom. He had just come back from A Beer At A Time and was very enthusiastic about his visit there. He mentioned that they became a taproom more recently, and really have come a long way. So I told myself I would certainly be going to check the place out within the next week or two. I went yesterday. I planned on taking a few pics, doing a nice little writeup, having a beer, and then coming home. I ended up staying there for nearly 5 hours, and had a few beers.

I set my navigation on my phone to get there, and once off Hwy. 14 and up 32nd a ways, I took a left on Evergreen Way (E st. connects) and drove right past the place which was just sitting there on the left. I turned around, and looked more closely and saw the signs in and on the windows. It was too easy to find the location, but more difficult to spot the building. I then learned as I entered the place that they share the space with a liquor store.

I entered, sat down at the bar, and introduced myself as a local craft beer advocate and blogger, and gave them a few of my cards. I was greeted instantly by both owners, Shelby Piersol (Owner/Operating Manager), and Leigh Piersol (Owner/ Senior Buyer). Yes, a husband and wife team!

The staff had great beer knowledge and were super friendly. Shelby was as kind as could be, and really created the atmosphere with her fantastic personality and humor although she is primarily responsible for the decorations and look of the establishment. She did a fantastic job with the feel and look of the taproom.

The bar was a large slab of redwood above a line of Jim Beam barrels. Very cool touch. The wall separating the taproom from the liquor store was a nice cedar planking that looked very nice. A large table made of the same redwood slabs ran down the entire center of the space with seating, and redwood slab ends made for some killer end tables along the wall where the bottle coolers weren't. The lighting were antlers turned into chandeliers. The antlers were all fallen antlers, no harm done to any wild beasts. The place looked very nice, woody, and small town-like. I really felt comfortable there from the start.

Behind the bar was a large tap menu, easy to read, and loaded with some fantastic brews. Last night as I was there, Shelby had just installed a nitro system as well, and tapped some Old Rasputin from North Coast Brewing. It's not every day you get to enjoy some Old Raspy on nitro. I started with a new found favorite of mine, 10 Barrel Brewing's Oregon Brown, a nice hoppy full flavored brown ale.

There is about a 450 bottle selection as well, so there is certainly no shortage of good beers to bring home after a pint either!

Other patrons started popping in, and even a past customer of mine from work sat down right next to me and we hit off some good conversation regarding beer and all else. Met a couple new friends to my left that were great company for the remainder of the night as well. I can't tell you how cool the atmosphere was, and how the place just felt like home right out the gate. It was like I had been going there for ages. The customers were great, the staff were great, and the small town feel was truly perfect for the experience. I made more friends there that night, and had some fantastic conversation that went on for hours.

I also later had a pale ale, a couple tasters of other beers, and even a Fearless Scottish which I hadn't had in a long time. It was a nice big friendly pour as well. My past customer bought a pizza from a joint right next door, they brought it right over, and I even enjoyed dinner which had been shared with many there. That was pretty damn cool. This guy even drove home quickly to bring me a bottle of Smoked Porter from Northern Ales out of Kettle Falls, WA which I haven't had or tried before. How cool and kind is that? That is the kind of people in this place both customers and workers. I was humbled and really felt all warm and fuzzy inside, and not just from drinking the beer.

Talk of a cask engine was certain, and also adding awnings and better signage out front to make the place more noticeable from the street. Also Leigh discussed moving the site to another spot closer to Hwy. 14 where much more outdoor seating could be available as well as some outdoor games like horseshoes and cornhole.

I will say, I am certainly going back again and again. It doesn't get much better than that. I really had a great time, and the place was certainly much more friendly than many other establishments of its type. I can't say enough how friendly they all were there. Shelby and Leigh have a vision, have really followed through with it, and will continue to. I know they will be very successful.

After all, it only takes A Beer At A Time to convert the masses, even in a smaller town like Washougal, WA. Get in there and make a trip of it when out hiking, boating, or just driving. You won't be disappointed!

A Beer At A Time
2926 E St.
Washougal WA

Sun 11-6p
Mon-Thur. 10-8
Fri. & Sat. 10-11p

Facebook: ABeerAtATime
Twitter: @ABeerAtATime


  1. Don't forget that Amnesia is moving into that same small town.

  2. Yes indeed! Isn't it just going to be a production brewery though? Or will it have a taproom?

    1. Great article on a cool little place. I live across the river (in Or)..I love the small-friendly feel of A Beer at a Time. The locals I have met here are part of the charm :)

    2. Thanks! I try to find the cool spots and do a little writeup ;-) Indeed it is a place to return to.

  3. Whoa, nice find! They have 27 taps?!?

    Thank for writing this up. You should submit them to

    1. Yeah, it's a cool little spot w/ a lot of great beers. And a cask engine on its way! Hard to find in them parts. Thx Bill!