Tuesday, March 13

Widmer Brothers Brewing To Unveil New Omission Beers

I will be attending a private media event this Thursday soon I hope to get the inside scoop on this beer. I have been digging around the internet collecting as much information as possible.

From what I can tell, this will be a bottled release of a gluten-free beer, both a Pale Ale, and Lager Beer. Information popped up over at 'GlutenFreePortland.org'.

I don't think I have even tried a gluten-free beer. I don't need to because I have been checked for a gluten intolerance and it came back negative. I actually think many claim to need gluten-free foods and drinks when in fact, they are not even intolerant to it. I do think though that these will be the first gluten-free beers I will try. I look forward to seeing how good they may be. Something tells me they will be.

Official 'Omission Beer' Website

I'll create a follow-up post once I attend the event.

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    The breweries and stories you report on, allow for much encouragement.

    A True Legend!