Friday, March 9

Beer Review: Anchorage Brewing Galaxy White IPA

“With the creation of new beer styles comes this sort of emergent period where things are pretty wide open to interpretation— so, let’s see where brewer Gabe Fletcher takes us with his take on “White IPA”… He’s certainly pulled out all the stops in this remarkable brew, with ingredients & influences from four different continents: Australian Galaxy hops, Indian coriander and black peppercorns, North American wheat, fresh kumquats from Asia, and fermented and aged in French oak foudres with a Belgian wit yeast.”


Grabbed a bottle for about $12 at Saraveza in Portland. It was nice to see some rare and good brews there. Picked up another Anchorage brew there too that I really wanted to try, and will review soon.

Yes they are amazing beers, but I still find a little beef with the price on the bottles. I would prefer the same beer as a standard bomber, not corked and caged, and spend about $3-4 less per bottle.

Appearance: (4.5)
- Nice light colored straw yellow brew.. a very light cloudy touch to it. Nice fingers of bubbly frothy foamy head.. settle to a thin mixed pillow and sticky foam all about the glass.

Smell: (4.5)
- Surprisingly an IPA aroma.. very floral and citrus-like hops over a light grainy biscuit bready malt. Not overly sweet smelling. I like that. No caramel really to be found. Some oak and dry esters sit nicely with a spicy flare that shows up late. Quite good.

Taste: (4.0)
- Grain, biscuit, bread, light sweet malts.. very floral and crisp grassy hops and citrus blended well with a slight spice and peppery character. This is a very well balanced and seemingly green IPA. Bottled with Brett? Is this an IPA to sit on awhile to get more tart and sour flavors? I don't get much in that regard other than the oak and drying flavors that brett can provide in its early stages.

Mouth Feel: (3.5)
- A nice light bodied brew which is quite dry.. I like dry in most of my beers. It is however a little over-carbonated for me. I wouldn't mind some excessive carbonation if the Brett shined more. Not bad.

Overall: (3.5)
- This is a very good IPA. I don't like the price of it. There was a lot of hype around this beer, and along with the packaging.. it fell a bit short for me. Though I do not, and will not grade any of my scores on anything but the fluid. There is some nice Brett character, and a slight funk to it. It is probably the first IPA I would actually even consider aging. The base beer must be stellar, but beyond that.. a little over-done. I like the Whiteout Wit much better.

3.98/5 rDev -1.5%
look: 4.5 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5
( Rating Scale)

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  1. I think the price is fair considering what it takes to make it. French barrels and foudres are not cheap plus a lot of time goes into this beer. What would people pay for a bottle of wine that is this good? A lot more than $12. As for the size, you don't get wine in 12 oz. bottles. Like wine, it is made for sharing with a good meal, not a session beer. Also this is made for aging. It should change a lot over the months, maybe like Orval does. The Brett funk should increase and the hops fade. My 3 bottles will be shared over a period of months/years with friends who really appreciate great beers.