Monday, January 30

Widmer Brewings Next Brothers Reserve Series Exposed

I read a nice write-up over at, and also read a post over at and spotted these labels...

An Imperial Brown Ale brewed with palm sugar, molasses, and aged in Rum barrels. Can I get a hell yeah?

This will be the 6th installment in their Brothers Reserve series lineup and is slated for a release date of... Spring 2012.

All I know is that I want a case. I have just had a recent kick drinking Kona Brewings Koko Brown (Which is most likely brewed at the Widmer facility), and I feel Browns are not spoken of much, enjoyed enough, or bottled enough.

I will pipe in and say that I miss the 25th Anniversary Widmer brew... the Double Alt. I bought many of those, and had my last one about a year or so ago. It aged well. Now I still have 1 Brrrrrbon left (original BR series release).

For me this is even bigger news coming out of Widmer Brothers Brewing. I already know I will be buying a boatload of their next Rotator IPA Series, the Spiced IPA. Love that beer. This will certainly be filling my cellar, and fridge at its release.

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