Monday, January 9

Hazel Dell Brewpub: Obituary

I received this news only yesterday that Hazel Dell Brewing closed their doors December 31st, 2011.

I have to admit, I haven't been out there for ages, and I never really did care for the beer there. But I also never did give them another chance later on to see if it had improved. Must have been 10 years ago that I went there.

Here is a write-up from a local blog 'galensaid':

"The beloved Hazel Dell Brewpub was forced to close its doors on December 31st, 2011, after 18 years of serving fine craft beer to Vancouver, Wash. locals and travelers. On a cool, dry December morning, a favorite watering hole and restaurant was evacuated of anything resembling a family business as trucks and vans hauled away remnants of the operation. With little notice, Phil Stein, his sister and co-owner Theresa, a handful of employees and a few regular patrons helped move equipment and supplies out of the building. Theresa and employees, all teary-eyed, hustled to move office items and equipment out of the restaurant as Phil worked to clear the brew house. Everyone was flustered.

According to Phil Stein, the brew master and co-owner of Hazel Dell Brewpub, lease negotiations ran cold following the death of Phil’s uncle, who was also the property owner of the brewpub. The new property owner, Phil’s cousin, running a cash-strapped real estate investment firm handed down to him, is facing an unrelated lawsuit and aims to sell the property and building that formerly housed the Hazel Dell Brewpub. Therefore, Phil Stein and his sister, who co-owned and operated Hazel Dell Brewpub, were unable to renew their lease. Family tensions seemed to play a large part in shutting down this Hazel Dell gem.

Phil Stein and his sister, Theresa, started the Hazel Dell Brewpub in 1993. The brew operation was the first microbrewery in Clark County and the first brew operation since Lucky Brewing closed its plant in downtown Vancouver. The restaurant and pub had a 217 barrel brewing system, a wide variety of locally made beer, and operated seven days a week with about 20 employees.

Phil hopes to open another brewpub and restaurant with his sister, Theresa, but they are unsure of what the future brings.

Updates and corrections to this story are forthcoming."

A co-worker/friend of mine is talking about trying to get the space. We'll see if that happens, and I will keep you all updated. Sad news indeed for many locals here. Also 217 Barrel system? Really?


  1. They must mean 217bbl/year. Only thing that makes sense. Sad to see them close. Used to be a favorite watering hole when I lived and worked up there many years ago. I hope the brewing equipment goes somewhere special.

  2. Indeed, me too. Sounds like they'll keep the stuff, and try again elsewhere I hope. Time will tell.

  3. Their website said 7 barrel system (217 gallons).

  4. So sad!!!!!! Was a favorite place for us.