Saturday, January 28

Bottle Share Jan. 2012 At Bridgetown Beer House W/ PDXBeerGeeks

The PDX Beer Geeks got together tonight at Bridgetown Beer House and had some great beers, grub, and times! I am glad the event turned out very well. I am also very glad that I knew about it in advance so I could make sure I had the time off to attend. I find it very difficult with my work schedule to attend anything anymore.

At first I thought the event was 6:00pm - 8:00pm..  but at about 5:00pm I double checked and realized I needed to get out of my joint with the quickness. I grabbed my tasting glass (Which is my favorite little Portland International Brewfest tasting glass), my Deschutes Black Butte XXI Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter, and took off over there and made it in about 15 minutes.

When I arrived, there was a glorious amount of aged brews, out-of-town brews, and homebrews. I just have to flat out say...  of all the homebrews I had, not one of them was even nearly bad..  most were well above average in the playing field of commercial brewing.

I made sure to take little pours as I know tasting all of these heavy beers can hit the head and blood with a powerful force. I am shocked I didn't get tanked.

It was great meeting a lot of new people, and discussing beer, the spot, future events, and plans. Brian of Short Snout Brewing arrived, and brought a fantastic stout that was basically a kitchen sink stout made with left over grains and flaked oats. I thought it was great, and totally blows a ton of other stouts away.

Also it was a nice excuse for me to get back over to Bridgetown Beer House since I haven't seen their new tap bar and layout. They were always a great little stop for me to pick up bottles, but now they have a nice tap selection for some tasty pints and growler fills.

Living in Vancouver near downtown, it is a very easy shot down I-5 for me to get to this spot which is great..  so long as I miss rush hour traffic on the way back.

Some great beers showed up, and I even finally got a chance to try the well-known infected Hellshire 2 release from Oakshire Brewing. I could easily tell what the beer was supposed to be..  and I picked up on the wonderful coffee and dry notes..  though the buttery smell, and tart off-flavors kind of killed it though it was drinkable.

I was grateful to meet the latest owner and operator of the Guild Public House and discuss brews and future events..  and as always it was wonderful to see Emily and Michael, both founders of the PDX Beer Geeks community and blog. Both Emily, and Michael really did a great job organizing and throwing this event together, and more events can be found at the blog. Don't miss the next if you missed this one! Also I met folks from Colorado, Massachusetts, and other various areas who were still pretty new to the Portland area. They also brought many out of town goodies.

Like I stated earlier, I went back to the PDX Beer Geek blog and noticed that Emily crafted up some hop brownies. They turned out very well, had a wonderful hop flair in the aroma, and really was a very subtle touch to the flavor.

I would like to shout out a big thanks to the PDX Beer Geek founders who do all the hard work to organize, write, and plan such wonderful events aside from their busy personal and family lives.

Also a big thanks to all the geeks that brought such fantastic beers! And let's not forget the awesome bottle shop and tap room Bridgetown Beer House for allowing all of us geeks to partake in such a great share! Cheers!


  1. Nice recap, and quick to boot! Great to see you.

  2. Great to see you too! Need to do meets like this more often!