Monday, January 2

Beer Review: 21st Amendement Back In Black Black IPA

I have had this on tap a few times at my local By The Bottle here, and it is probably my more favored beer from this brewer. I grabbed a 6-pack from Whole Foods, and have no idea how old it is. I am trusting a cans longevity. Not a big AC/DC fan either (though I really dig hard rock), i do however like the song, and it reminds me of an old cassette single I had of it w/ that Arnold movie soundtrack hit as well.

Appearance: (3.5)
- Nice rather dark brown/black brew.. certainly some yeast sediment floating around visibly in it. Off-white foamy head down to a spotty ring and thin blanket on top.

Smell: (3.5)
- Light roasty sweet grainy brew. Little coffee, but more bitter husky grainy notes. Light bitter grassy and herbal hops. Enough sweetness to really balance things out.

Taste: (3.5)
- Kinda close to a sweet stout really.. but has a little more hop kick. Sweet grainy dark malts, light roasted coffee, some cocoa, and earthy bitter hops. Little zingy grain touch. Not bad.

Mouth Feel: (4.0)
- Overall a medium bodied creamy smooth Black IPA. Little dry, just a touch chewy, and a tad chalky. It's a solid feel.

Overall: (3.5)
- A good dark brew.. but doesn't flirt with the IPA style enough for me. It could almost pass as an American sweet stout. Certainly smooth and balanced, and reassures my opinion of this being my favored beer from the brewer. Worth having a few cans kicking around.

3.55/5 rDev -3.1%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.5 Rating Scale

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