Friday, April 29

Captured by Porches Creates a New Beer Truck!

Many may know that Dylan has been hard at work with his beer cart of sorts. Well, a rather large bus! But now there is a new beer truck in town! As always.. serving up some delicious and unique beers in the Portland area.

As per their Facebook page:

New Captured by Porches Beer Truck debuts today for Last Thursday on Alberta Street. 23rd and NE Alberta, in the same lot as the Burger(s or)Bus(t). Four taps, gradually adding til we run out of space in the cooler. It will be open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, hours are still being figured out but let's say 3-10pm as a safe bet. Today we will be pouring Invasive Species IPA, El Rojo Red Ale, Apricot Ale, SchwarzWeizen Black Ale, and Vagablonde Blonde Ale.

Go check it out! You won't be disappointed!


Thursday, April 28

All-Oregon Belgian Beer Summit at Roscoes

Hit up some mad Belgian style & inspired brews at Roscoes! Tomorrow 4 pm til Saturday.

The Roscoe's All-Oregon Belgian Beer Summit will take place on Friday,
April 29th beginning at 4PM. We will feature 14 Belgian-Style beers
brewed by Oregon breweries. Some of the Breweries (and beers) will be:
Oakshire (Frederic's Lost Arm), Hopworks (Muscles from Brussels),
Boneyard (Whitshack Wit), Upright (Rose City Seven), Laurelwood,
Deschutes, Prodigal Son (Neuer Morgan), Fort George, Double Mountain,
Cascade Barrel House, Beetje, and more.

We will have 5 ounce tasters trays available.

We hope to see you there.

Tuesday, April 19

Beer Review: Alaskan Imperial IPA - Pilot Series

First off, I'd like to say that I am a big fan of Alaskan Brewing. Their Amber Ale is a very popular beer, as well as one of my favorites, the regular IPA. The IPA is very solid in my eyes, and is quite the session brew. I have had another in the Pilot Series, and can't quite remember what it was, but I know I reviewed it at Beer Advocate. I remember liking it a lot too.

Let's get started...

Appearance: (3.5)
- Pours a clear shiny copper penny. Spot on really. Nice couple fingers of white dense fizz.. leaves a nice thin blanket kicking around.

Smell: (3.5)
- I am really liking the smell. Very fresh floral and grassy notes. Touch of fruit, caramel malt.. it's not very revealing. Just fresh and mild in smell. I bet it's hiding a lot more.

Taste: (4.5)
- If you win points for balance as a beer, this one takes the cake. I am thoroughly impressed with this imperial ipa. I would have to say that this is one of my favorites to date. The balance is impeccable. Great light fruity touch to the hops, with a wonderful fresh grassy bitter hop flare. It's like that reintroduction to a crisp fresh lager that one would remember from a long time ago. Great biscuity caramel malt rides along simply and is not overpowering. Great beer.

Mouth Feel: (4.0)
- Medium bodied, perfectly carbonated.. bit sticky but not too much. Lightly warming though not overly strong. Fresh taste leaves a fresh mouth feel. Lightly chewy.

Overall: (4.5)
- Like I said.. this is one killer imperial ipa. I hope this can be found over and over exactly the same as this bottle I have right here. It's perfectly balanced and has one of the best hop profiles for my taste. Get it!

A- / 4.2

( Rating Scale)

I noticed some pretty low marks for this at Beer Advocate. It must have gotten much better, because I just don't get it!



Monday, April 11

Boneyard Brewing to Release Two New Beers Next Month

As far as new breweries go.. Boneyard Beer has got to be my favorite. From their artwork, attitude, and amazing beer.. comes a group with amazing talent.

One of the newly released beers will be their first anniversary beer. It is basically a triple IPA, or IPA cubed. Notorious IPA will be 13-14% alcohol, and will seriously be over the top with hops.

The other will be Hop Venom IPA, a 10%+ Double IPA.

I don't know about you, but both sound amazing. I can't wait, and hopefully will get a chance to try both!

Also they finally have their own new screen printed growlers in Bend! Plus a new shipment of their T-shirts!

Beer Review: Widmer Brothers X-114 IPA Rotator Series

First off, I couldn't wait to try the first in their 'Rotator' series. This beer has been brewed for a little while now, and it is nice to see it being bottled. After the X-114, we will be seeing Teaser IPA, Shaddock IPA, and Collaboration IPA.

“Our Rotator IPA series was born out of our brewing team’s desire to experiment with and enthusiasm for the IPA style of beer,” said Rob Widmer. “Our brewers are passionate about creating unique interpretations of beer styles and always finding ways to do things a bit differently. X-114 is an aromatic IPA that originated from the experimental hop that we now call Citra. It’s a great drinkable beer and is the perfect brew to kick off this series.”

"The 'X' Stands For Awesome"

About X-114 IPA

X-114 IPA is an aromatic IPA made from Citra hops that balance perfect proportions of big fruit and citrus flavor with hints of peppery spice, caramel malt sweetness and a bitter, but smooth finish.


Malts: 2-Row Rale, Caramel 30L, Carapils

Hops: Bittering-Alchemy, Aroma -114 (Citra)

Dry Hopped and Aroma Hopped – 114 (Citra)


Original Gravity: 14.3 P

Apparent Extract: 2.9 P

IBU: 50

ABV: 6.2%

Color: 10 SRM

Now for the review:

-Appearance: (4.0)
Very clear light caramel colored brew, like a light amber. Thick three fingers of foam, down to a splatter of lace and velvet foam. The best part of the appearance is the head with this number.

-Smell: (4.0)
A wonderful roasted malt scent rests nicely with a caramel malt. Big zesty bright hops, citrus, grapefruit, orange peel, and some grassy notes. Hidden tang of lemon zest. The hop profile really spreads far from the top of the glass.

-Taste: (3.5)
Smooth bready and roasted caramel malt with a light 'Drifter-like' approach. Zingy bitter hops with a touch of earthy grass, and citrus peel. Overall really not too robust of a flavor, but rather mild.

-Mouthfeel: (3.5)
Light bodied with a drying effect from the bitterness. Leaves a bit of a chalky feel behind.. makes me think of dry barley husks.

-Overall: (3.5)
This beers highlights are with how smooth and drinkable it is. It is actually quite light and the hops are certainly a focal point. This is a great and refreshing session ale from Widmer. As a year around I don't know if it would do so well, but as part of a Rotator series.. I am sure it will be some peoples favorite.

B / 3.63

( rating scale)

Sunday, April 10

Slight comparison between Full Sail Black Gold '11 & Goose Island '09

I bought 3 bombers of Goose Island Brand Stout when it hit the shelves of a QFC in a newer portion of Vancouver, WA off 192nd..

I drank one fresh, and even had one only 6 months ago.. all which were hard to drink, and too soon for my palate. Goose Island Stout from the barrel was seriously hardcore. A brew to have only one glass of paired with greatness.. perhaps treated meats, cheeses, and even wines. It is a sipper.

Full Sail... I bought many, and drank many over many periods of time. Right out the gate, I love how I could find the base stout, in bombers, on the shelf of a Safeway... the product before the barrel. Smooth, and well made right out the gate. It, like many, is an American stout... a sweet stout. Not a standard dry Irish stout....

Having many of each, and being rather impaired as I type this.. I just had to do it...

The Goose Island is one to keep for a much longer period of time... and even so I feel it wouldn't make it drink any better. Full Sail already makes one of the best stouts in town, and I think they purposefully make it harder to get because they know it is one of the best stouts. We all know the brewmaster.. and superior masters at work..

I give a greater credit to Full Sail, especially for their 20011 release which I think topped all the last years bottle releases. Easy to drink, full of flavor, and settled well in the stomach.

Yes... I am now a Full Sail Fan Boy...

Wednesday, April 6

Beer Review: Port Brewing Mongo IPA

I have heard a lot about this beer.. and first heard about it when I heard that Hop 15 won't be released as a year around Double IPA anymore. Hearing that this might be better.. I was ok with that. But I rather like a fresh Hop 15 (which is sometimes hard to come by up here in Vancouver, WA or in the PDX area). I really love Ports Fresh Hop IPA 'High Tide'.. but this last years lacked in comparison with the year before that.

This brew rates in at a slightly weaker alcohol content of 8.5%. To me that is perfect for a double IPA. I even wish the 10%+ ones would be called triple IPA's.. and some even are.

Let's get to the review..

- Appearance: (4.5)
This brew pours a glowing orange caramel west coast IPA. Huge thick white head which then settles slowly to a thin blanket of velvet thin foam. Sticky lacing all about the glass.

- Smell: (4.0)
Resinous hops dominate the nose. Pine, grassy herbal notes, and grapefruit citrus zest are big rising over a velvet wave of light biscuity malts. Slight sweet cotton candy flare with a touch of pineapple.

- Taste: (4.5)
Very smooth citrus flavored brew. Pineapple, mango, and pine flavors are blended well with the perfectly sweet bready caramel malt. Wonderful bitter fruit punch of an IPA. It's rather light on the tongue initially.. hardly a touch of alcohol.

- Mouth Feel: (4.0)
Creamy texture with a medium body. Carbonation is just right and not too bubbly. Leaves the tongue a bit dry with it's bitter qualities.

- Overall: (4.0)
This is one killer Double IPA. It just screams 'west coast' all over the place. This is what a west coast IPA needs to be. Well balanced, plenty hoppy, and easy to drink. It's not so overly strong like some other over the top Doubles. Certainly recommend.

A- / 4.25

( rating scale)

Laurelwood Brewing bottles their Imperial Workhorse IPA

First of all, the regular Workhorse IPA has got to be my favorite IPA in town. Chad knows how to brew a beer.. and especially an IPA. The grapefruit hoppy madness is quite present in the near double IPA Workhorse already is at 7.5%.

This brew looks to be about 9.3% Alc. as I can barely see in the blurred cell phone images. It's a fancy limited edition screen printed bottle, with only a limit of '6' per customer at the pubs.

All I know is I can't wait to try it!


Tuesday, April 5

Beer Review: Russian River Sanctification - A Sour Blonde Ale

This is a very pretty sour. This is one of two that I have not seen up in these parts, so I will have to give credit to Russian River Brewing Co. for slowly but surly expanding their distribution. Especially of their sours. Batch 005, 6.75% Alc... good to go!

This beer very much looks like a lot of their beers, rather it be Supplication, Damnation, or Redemption. Many Golden/Pale/Blonde Ales look much the same, and have the same visual character. Flavor is where this particular style can take many different turns. This particular bottle was rather difficult in getting the cork out.

- Appearance: (4.5)
Pours an ever so slightly cloudy straw pale yellow, big fluffy white head.. sticks around a bit, leaves a steady 1/4" in the glass with lacing all about.

- Smell: (4.0)
Much like the Redemption in the background, but with a Brett twist. Grainy wet biscuit malt bad with a zest, twist of lemon, slight clove, and tart Brett character. Thinking this one would get much more crazy over time. Slight white grape character.

- Taste: (4.0)
Super zesty bright citrus tart sour goodness. Rather spicy in the finish. Light golden bready malts sit quietly in the background while a zesty and spicy lemon tart punch hits the palate with a surprise. Quite good, and quite different.

- Mouth Feel: (4.0)
Rather bubbly, and light. Leaves the mouth watering for more while leaving its dry character behind as a reminder. Very fine tuned.

- Overall: (4.0)
Very good, and full of zesty Brett goodness as this is a 100% Brett sour. Spicy and tongue grabbing it is. I would love to see what a bottle of this would turn out like in a 55 deg. F cooler after about 8 years. Super good, and a very unique sour.

A- / 4.03

( rating mechanism)

Beer Review: Russian River Redemption Ale

This beer states that it is a sister ale of their beloved Golden Belgian Ale 'Damnation'. This brew appears to be a common Belgian Blonde which is bottle conditioned. It is a rather light ale, and looks like a winner of a sessionable brew.

This is the first time I have seen this beer up here in a bottle shop. Given that I have never had a bad beer, or sour ale from this brewer... I had to try this. It's in a fancy corked 375ml bottle like many of their sours, and is priced very much the same. That is where my only issue is. If this isn't a sour, and hasn't spent the amount of time and care as a sour.. it shouldn't be in the same ballpark of pricing. This is a standard golden, pale, blonde... Belgian pale ale.. and that is all.

Tasting Notes:

- Appearance: (4.5)
Pours a light glowing golden yellow straw color, slightly cloudy and unfiltered, perhaps a bit of fine yeast about. Thick and fine hald inch of head.. sticks around quite some time. Very bubbly brew.

- Smell: (4.0)
Very bready, grainy, biscuity and zesty smell. Tart and bright yeast notes with a bed of wet velvet grain. Bit of a wit touch, biscuit, and fresh baked bread. Zest is a bit of lemon, orange, with a slight nutty approach.

- Taste: (3.5)
Smooth and full flavored all the way. Light clove, zesty bitterness from both light grassy hop, and citrus yeast zing. Wheat must be used with some lovely bready malts. This beer seems like a golden promise.

- Mouth Feel: (4.5)
Light bodied, yet creamy in texture. Very carbonated and bubbly. Leaves the tongue a bit dry, and layers a fine film about the mouth of bready grain sugars.

- Overall: (3.5) (Price, and packaging do NOT affect my judging of a beer one bit)This is one fantastic blonde Belgian brew. Well carbonated (almost too much), well balanced, and very robust in it's wheaty, grainy, and zesty approach. This is a light alcohol, full flavored brew. A beef of mine is its price and packaging. I feel a brew like this should be in a regular bomber for about $6. Perhaps a 6-pack of cans around $11. Yes, it's bottle conditioned, well made, and I am sure a tedious brew.. but this is 2011. There are many of these around.. in greater quantities, for much less money.

B / 3.75

( rating scale)

Beer Review: Widmer Brothers Reserve Galaxy Hopped Barleywine Ale

Just only about a week ago, I started asking myself "Where is the next reserve release from Widmer?". I tweeted about it on my Twitter account, and Bill, of the blog 'It's Pub Night' (@itspubnight) mentioned that it was just released, and pointed me to an article about it from another respected blogger who got a free sample of it.

But only a few days after that, reading about it on other blogs as well, I just found it at By The Bottle here in Downtown Vancouver. I was surprised at how early they received their cases of this fantastic ale. I am guessing many local Portland shops don't have it yet.

Widmer hasn't stopped surprising me since they released their Drifter Pale Ale which is a citrus filled, and rather strong ale with a very unique flavor. Since then, they released an anniversary Double Alt ale.. (a what?) to celebrate their 25th year (which I just had my last amazingly good 2 year old bottle the other night), and a string of other 'Brothers Reserve' series beers. This time, its a limited reserve #4 for the spring of 2011.

Galaxy hops are a high-alpha hop bred in 1994 by Hop Products Australia. This company owns a hop garden called Rostrevor in North Eastern Victoria where they were grown for the first time. It’s now grown in both Victoria and Tasmania.

Origin: Australia

Aroma/Flavor: Pleasant, Citrus, Passionfruit

Alpha Acid: 13.0 - 14.8%

Typical Usage: Mostly bittering, although noted as a dual purpose. Could be used as flavoring hop as well.

I personally see this hop style (just in the flavor from this barleywine alone)best fit for a dry stout, pale ale, or English IPA even. Seems to fit very well in this very unique barleywine from Widmer.

Tasting notes:

- Appearance: (3.5)
Pours a clear and dark rich brown/red mahogany with a quick fizzling off-white foam that relaxes to a nice ring and island of foam in the middle of my Rogue winter glass (excuse the glassware, just moved and am still building my collection). Nothing like a spring release in a winter glass eh?

- Smell: (4.5)
This is where this brew pops out and grabs you by the nose hairs with little clenching fists of glory. The fresh and fruity hops are greatly present, but I feel are helped greatly by the Belgian candy sugars. The malt is rather light, and smooth... which are huskless malts! Mild fruit salad, strawberry, passion fruit,and an earthy grassy aroma.

- Taste: (4.0)
Smooth, balanced, and just the right sweetness to start. Light caramel, bready malt flowing with a fruit ester-filled flavor going down. The massive bitterness that I get shows itself after the barleywine is swallowed. I really love the bitter quality of this barleywine. It has a 'gin-like' effect on the palate. Light floral and passion fruit finish on the hops. Again, some fresh grassy earthy flavors.

- Mouthfeel: (3.5)
Like as stated in the taste, this is a rather clear, refined, filtered medium bodied barleywine.. almost on the light bodied side. It's rather dry (which I like), but still wets the palate with its huge array of flavors.

- Overall: (4.0)
This is not your typical barleywine. It's not thick, creamy, cloudy, and loaded with caramel like a John Barleycorn. It's light, dry, full of flavors, esters, and wonder. It's one to try. I really don't know how this one would age, or if it even really needs to. The alcohol is barely present at all. It's a dry, not-so-hot alcohol. Perhaps a bit too clean and dangerous. Certainly a good brew, and I can't wait to see what Widmer has under their belt for the next release. I am guessing this won't be released again for a few years at least, so head over to By The Bottle and snag 'em while they last!

A- / 4.03 ( rating scale)