Thursday, March 31

Bad news: The UN, AB, & your local craft brewery.

It has come to my attention that local government lobbyists and corporate executives are outraged by the exponential growth in the craft beer industry. Some interesting and amazing things are about to result of this new found movement of buying local, and supporting such an industry.

With the sudden rejection of craft brewers submission to the big dogs such as AB (Anheuser-Busch),they have taken desperate measures to acquire, and thus; gain control of the industry in general. Saddened by the new found fame of pure ingredients, all grain, fresh hops, and experimental wonders of the palate.. AB has taken this issue of unpopularity to the UN (United Nations).

AB has stressed the possible need for military action against such popular craft beer industries such as, but not limited to: Sierra Nevada Brewing, Deschutes Brewing, Stone Brewing, and the likes of Pyramid Brewing..

This threat is serious, and goes against the grain of prosperity and the ability for a business to thrive in a world of competition. It's time to stand, and rise against the threat, as people, as Americans, and as folks who enjoy a damn fine craft beer. It's time to rebel against such a force with the true pure power of consumerism. Stand with me, and purchase a beer full of wonder, and flavor.

Cheers, and Happy April Fools day!


Monday, March 28

Hopworks 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Has it been only three years? Hopworks will be celebrating their third anniversary party this coming Wednesday, March 30th. It will begin at 11 in the morning, and continue through with the specials until 11pm. The specials include $2 pints (eyes wide open)and 20% off of the merchandise.

Hopworks is most celebrated for it's environmentally friendly establishment and construction. The SE Portland located brewpub is an amazing place, and is quite sustainable. Lets not forget to mention the fact that their beers are quite amazing as well. From a standard like their 7-grain Survival Stout, to a seasonal such as the Ace of Spades Imperial IPA... they stand out over many other beers in Portland because they are just truly better than most. Head brewer and owner Christian Ettinger used to be the brewmaster for Laurelwood brewing back in the days before their current brewmaster Chad. I still often think back to those early days in the old (now defunct) Laurelwood Pizza Co. The beers were amazingly solid right at opening. Perhaps some day Chad may venture out and start up his own joint as well?

Hopworks has grown rapidly, and has won many many awards and picks. Much more than many long time established breweries and pubs. I feel like they have been around forever already as they quickly became a favorite of mine.

Get in there and grab some inexpensive goodies Wednesday! Their staff have always been way cool and friendly, and the food is amazing. Just their Powell Steak & Cheese is pure win.


Hopworks Urban Brewery
2944 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202

Tel: 503 / 232-HOPS (4677)
Fax: 503 / 232-4676

Saturday, March 26

I have a beef with competitor growler upcharges

As the title states, I have a serious beef with an establishment that charges extra, or over the standard fill fee for a 64 oz.+ Growler. To me it's a big WTF?

Most standard prices for the glass and beer are around $16 give or take. If you bring the glass back in, it can typically be around $12. I'm already slightly ticked at the $12.. as that is still $3.00 a pint. I remember paying that for a single pint only a few years back. The sudden increase in beer prices is uncalled for I think... but what can I do? Buy PBR? Yeah right..

But if I bring a Laurelwood growler into an establishment... and they want to charge me more because it isn't theirs.. I will walk the hell out of the place. It's plain snobbery, and douchey behavior. With the amount of new found competition out there in the craft beer industry, a smart business would offer a discount for filling glass that isn't theirs. They should be flattered that you brought it to them rather than the location painted on the glass! I mean come on! Doesn't a business want patrons to come in to their joint and buy their beer? It's just not a smart business move in my book. That's all. Drink on!


(My perfect world, a growler full of beer should be $12.. a refill should be $8.75. Just my .02c.)

Thursday, March 24

My move is complete!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately folks.. if there are any reading in! lol

Now I am closer to downtown Vancouver where the better beers pour at such places as By The Bottle, Salmon Creek Brewpub, and soon to be Mt. Tabor Brewing and lovely new tasting room. I really look forward to getting the craft beer flow going again.

Such as life.. things change, places change, and we just do our best to keep up and keep on movin' on.



Sunday, March 6

Slow Times!

Forgive my lack of dedication to the blog lately. I am in the middle of moving, and will be packing soon, and utilizing this upcoming weekend to get into my own place where I will continue to blog, homebrew, and share my thoughts on craft beer.

I appreciate all who stop in, and/or follow me on Twitter where I update more often.

Thanks, and Cheers!


Wednesday, March 2

Laurelwood Brewing 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Let us say thanks for a decade of support!

Laurelwood Public House & Brewery will be celebrating their ten year anniversary on March 18th with a grand birthday celebration. In true Laurelwood fashion the occasion will be marked with 12 great beers on draught, the tapping of 2 firkins, live music, family fun and food specials featuring a Sweet Briar Farms Berkshire Pig Roast. From the brewery there will be two great new beer releases. First off is Imperial Workhorse IPA in a limited edition screen printed 22oz bottle. The second will be the debut of Laurelwoodʼs newest year round organic brew, "The Big O" Organic Pale Ale. "I'm really excited to be releasing these two new beers for our anniversary celebration. I think we've developed a knack for creating hoppy ales of great variety. The new Organic Pale not only shows what we can do with subtle hop flavors but also speaks to our leadership as an organic Oregon brewery. The Imperial Workhorse, of course, shows what we can do with over the top hop character while maintaining balance and drinkability"says Brewmaster Chad Kennedy.

Laurelwood was founded in March 2001 by husband and wife team Mike De Kalb and Cathy Woo-De Kalb. The original Laurelwood Public House & Brewery opened in the Hollywood district in NE Portland, Oregon with a 7 barrel brewery system. "Since the beginning we have been committed to sustainability and supporting local farms and other purveyors. We are Portlandʼs first certified organic brewery and all of our craft beers are brewed with Pacific NW organic malt as well as regionally sourced hops. The brewery is certified organic by the Oregon Tilth and all of our brewery water usage is offset by credits from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. The breweriesʼ spent grain and yeast are used as animal feed and we compost all of our spent hops. Our commitment to sustainability fits our commitment to making quality beer" says owner Mike De Kalb. In 2007 Mike and Cathy relocated Laurelwood Public House & Brewery just 12 blocks east of the original location to the former Sylviaʼs Dinner Theatre in NE Portland. This location remains home to their 15 barrel brewing system today. With 5 great pubs including two at the Portland International Airport, Laurelwood is distributed throughout Oregon and Washington in both draught and 22oz bottles. The Celebration starts at 5pm and is being sponsored by Taplister, founded in 2009 and run by Kerry Finsand and Ken Baer, is a free online service that provides information about what craft beer is on tap at bars in 45 cities around the country. Users can find out whatʼs on tap on the website and with Taplisterʼs mobile apps available at


I grew up stumbling distance from their now Public House and Brewery in the building that used to be Silvia's Italian Fine Dining which I frequented often as well. When Laurelwood first opened up their pizza joint (now closed and occupied by Columbia River Brewing Company) I was a regular there all the time..  chugging mass quantities of their Boss IPA and Piston Pale Ale. Piston Pale was released again briefly recently and I missed it..  love that pale! People may remember the brewer back then...  why..  it's the big guy now at Hopworks!

Must say...  Imperial Workhorse sounds like the death of me..  as Workhorse alone is my favorite IPA ever.

Cheers to Laurelwood, and to many many more years brewing great beer!