Tuesday, February 15

Full Sails new Limited Edition Lager - LTD 05. An amber lager you're gonna love.

The best brews reflect the delicate balance of art and science. With our latest release in our Limited Edition lager series, LTD 05, artistry takes form in an amber lager- a sophisticated beer that has an elegant maltiness and is superbly balanced.
“We brewed this beer as a celebration of lagers, and like the other beers in our LTD series, it allows us to explore a classic lager profile and intertwine our own passion as an American craft brewer. LTD 05, exploring its Viennese roots, is a copper colored beer with great harmony that is refreshingly round and smooth, balanced with a hint of dark roast that enhances its floral hoppy finish,” said our Executive Brewmaster, Jamie Emmerson. LTD 05 has been brewed, bottled, and kegged and is now shipping from the brewery.
 LTD means limited edition, but according to our Founder and CEO, Irene Firmat, at Full Sail it means something even more: Live the Dream. “We’ve been living out our dream: brewing beer, our own way, in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We dedicate our LTD Series to everyone who’s living the dream, whatever that dream might be.”

“Our LTD Series is a great way to offer our customers a distinctive series of small batch lager beers that celebrate our creativity and honor the rich brewing heritage of great lager beer styles. Each LTD beer showcases an original lager recipe and is only available for a limited time. It lets us explore some of our favorite beer styles and we are thrilled at the response we have generated. Not only do our fans love this series, critics love it too. Since its release in 2007, our LTD Series has brought home 10 gold medals from the World Beer Championships and one from the North American Beer Awards,” added Firmat.
LTD 05 registers “medium” on the “Malt-O-Meter” that is featured on the six packs. Beer aficionados, or the aspiring ones, will enjoy the bottom of the six-pack that features an easy-to-read chart of “Today’s Recipe,” including Willamette, Glacier and Czech Saaz Hops, Pale, Chocolate and Caramel malts, plato (14 degrees), IBU (28), alcohol by volume ABV (5.6%) and any special ingredients. LTD 05 will be available in six-packs and draught from mid-February to June. Following LTD 05, Full Sail will re-release LTD 03, a crisp pilsner just in time for summer.

Thursday, February 3

Pyramid Outburst: Kind of a nice surprise!

Back when I started getting into craft beer in Portland, Pyramid Apricot and Hefe were all over the shelves. I remember buying quite a bit of both as well as some Thomas Kemper Weizenberry. I remember liking them quite a bit, and were somewhat different from the regular garbage that was around at the time. This is when you could still get a 6-pack of Henry Weinhards Red, and Blackberry-Wheat, the best of what Weinhards offered IMHO and not brewed today out of California and/or contract at Full Sail Brewing.

First thing I noticed, was this is at WinCo already, and the 6-pack is under $7. So I bought two. Now upon drinking it, I think it is the first Imperial IPA I have ever had in a twist-off bottle. Just an interesting observation.

Once opened, a big punch of grapefruit and citrus hop aromas hit my nose. The smell from afar was great. Up close, there is a little more dry, grainy, caramel, and earthy notes. Smells sticky sweet. The flavor is bitter, citrus, and zesty smooth. It is quite solid and balanced. It almost seems like it's way over hopped, but that the variety of hops used..  balanced themselves out while the brew remains sweet enough to make it quite drinkable.

I recommend grabbing this stuff up fresh while you can. I can imagine this beer turning into a 3 month old 6-pack of Green Flash West Coast IPA on the shelf, and turning into a total disappointment. The price is stellar, and is much a shocker like the W'11 Widmer KGB Russian Imperial Stout was. Good job to Pyramid, for finally creating their best beer in bottles to date. Keep it up! I give it a solid 'B'.