Saturday, October 8

My First Run To NW Liquid Gold In Vancouver WA w/ Sound Brewery is a brand new craftbeer bottleshop and tap house located closer to the east side of Vancouver WA on Fourth Plain. I decided to stop in for the first time after work today a little after 5pm, and was pleasantly surprised that Sound Brewing was there doing a tasting and meet-the-brewer as well.

As I stopped in, the partners who run the joint immediately greeted me and asked me if it was my first time stopping in. I mentioned it was, and I was greeted with a very warm welcome. I then introduced myself, and mentioned that I run this local blog. They knew the blog, and also mentioned that they had received my email I sent introducing myself, and welcoming them to the scene. Owner Travis Carter and partner Peter Wallace were certainly great to talk to, and really have a good thing going.

(In the image from Left to Right is: Mark Hood; Brewmaster of Sound Brewery, Peter Wallace, and Travis Carter of NW Liquid Gold)

Sound Brewery really has only just started up about 6 months ago out of Poulsbo, WA. After sampling 3 of their beers, I was automatically a fan. Brewmaster Mark discussed doing both traditional styles, and styles he liked to state were 'Liberated' which I thought was quite catchy and cool. I started with their double IPA which had some wonderful hop aromas as the brew was hopped and dry-hopped. Then I had a more 'Liberated' Belgian Style ale which had some very glorious hop aromas from both Galaxy, and Citra hops. I finished with a Tripel that was astounding. I really enjoyed the beers. Brewmaster Mark Hood has lots more goodies planned.

The first thing I heard about Northwest Liquid Gold, and read, was that they had some extremely good prices on growler fills, as so far that is about all they can do on tap currently. They currently do not sell or pour pints. But they will fill your growler, sell you some bottles, and get you all the kegs you need. This place is, and will be moving some major beer. The tap selection right out the gate is very note worthy and loaded with some local favorites, and rare treats that you just don't see around very often. I was floored when I saw Deschutes 'The Stoic' being filled in growlers for $15. Yes, that is no lie. It also seems that their Twitter account '@NWLiquidGold' is being updated quite regularly with future, and current tappings for growler fills.

They just opened their doors to the public, and have been selling beer through the mail for some while now, getting local northwest favorites to folks across the country. I was stoked to see a comment on their Facebook PAGE from Randy Plew, owner and founder of Plews Brews in St. Johns, Portland, OR. After all, what are good craftbeer buds for? Seems they are stepping out the gate with a bang.

So far the bottle selection is limited, but they just opened, and are still getting distributors on board who are known to be a bit messed up in Vancouver. Some just ship old beer, others cheat and try to push the rest of the market aside, and others are just plain ruthless. Those are my words, and not the words of any establishment in Vancouver. I just know the distributors up here can suck. They also like to leave and even sell bottles that are years old to grocery stores and the like.

There is nothing out that way in Vancouver as far as craftbeer hot spots. I look forward to spreading the word, and supporting what seems to be a great beer spot for us beer geeks, and an ever expanding market for good craftbeer. It is also very nice to see this happening in Vancouver. There is certainly a lot of room for more good beer here.

I urge all who read this to just go check it out, bring some empty growlers, and get a feel for the place... you will not be disappointed.

They are closed currently on Sundays, and Mondays, and are open each other day from 11-8pm. They may adjust Fri. & Sat. nights from 12-9pm or later depending on their traffic and customer count.

They have future plans next year to open an outdoor seating area where they will serve pints of on-tap beer, just not inside the establishment where they will be filling growlers, slinging kegs, and selling bottles.

I look forward to seeing, and helping their growth!

Northwest Liquid Gold

11202 NE Fourth Plain Road, Vancouver, WA 98662

(Sorry about the rough pics, I had just stopped in, and all I had was my phone!)

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