Wednesday, September 7

Beer Review: Caldera Brewing Hopportunity Knocks

"Hopportunity Knocks Ale: 6.8% abv IPA brewed with mostly Centennial hops. Big round mouthfeel, very perfumey. Different from our canned IPA. Gotta love the Pacific NW!"

Grabbed this bottle up just now at By The Bottle. Just under $6. No freshness date on the bottle.

Appearance: (4.0)
- Pours a dark clear copper. Looks much like an amber ale. Couple fingers of fluffy white foam.. settles to a large fluffy ring of lace, and thin pillow on top.

Smell: (3.5)
- Big grassy spicy earthy hops. Caramel malt background. Smells very herbal and bready. Lightly sweet. Lots of caramel malts here. Slight citrus touch to the hops.

Taste: (3.5)
- Big piney and grassy hops. Quite a bitter brew with sweet caramel and a bready/biscuit backing. Overall spicy, earthy, and grassy. Not really a lot of either floral, or citrus hops here. Roasty brown sugars.

Mouth Feel: (3.0)
- Surprisingly lighter bodied than I had expected. Just sitting under medium bodied, and has plenty of carbonation. Very dry and cloying, but not at all chewy. A tad thin.

Overall: (3.5)
- This is more a bitter bomb of an amber ale. Light caramel backing, and huge bitter grassy hops. That's about it. I feel like it is missing quite a bit, and is a little one-dimensional. Worth the try if you like really dry bitter beers. Otherwise there are better on the shelf for the money.

B- / 3.48

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  1. The bottle we tried in May was pungent with diacetyl. And I'm not one of those [whining] "oh this is so diacetyl" guys.

    Too bad, because I'm mostly a fiend for Caldera's stuff.

  2. Me too... and this one didn't taste like a jug of popcorn at the movies. To me it seemed like a small batch brew 'tested' by a new hire, or amateur homebrewer.