Sunday, September 25

Beer Review: Block 15 Brewing Ferme De La' Ville Provision

I paid about $15 for this at Bridgetown Beerhouse, and I bought it because I thought it was so kick ass to see a Block 15 brew bottled, and in such a cool large bottle of sour goodness. Way to find the right spots! Love the websites reading..

"You would be hard pressed to get me to read a fictional book, but throw down some good old beer history pages and I become mesmerized. I love to crack open an inspirational brew and pull out the old brewing books, talk with beer enthusiasts or spend time deep searching the internet.

Farmhouse ales were brewed on the farms of the French speaking Wallonia region of Belgium. It is said that the farm hands were allotted up to five liters of beer per day! The beer was brewed with malted barley and other various grains lying around the farm. Hops from the region were used as was the local yeast. It was common for farms to share yeast and brewing equipment. Traditionally the beer was lower in alcohol, hoppy, spicy from the yeast, and refreshing. As the farms were frugal, left over beer from the previous season was blended with the young beer of the current season. During this storage time undoubtedly wild yeast and bacteria from the area found their way into the barrels. Over time notes of the wild yeast and bacteria transformed the ale, sometimes to the point of being referenced to a gueze.

Our nod to this style began in the spring of 2009 when we stored a barrel of our farmhouse ale and introduced wild yeast isolated from Belgium. Over the next twelve months the yeast slowly transformed the hoppy farmhouse ale to a wonderful tropical, funky, dry, and tart beer.

This past spring we brewed a young batch and blended with the old barrel. The young farmhouse ale was brewed with malted barley and other grains left around our brewery; malted rye, wheat, golden naked oats and local honey. Farmhouse yeast fermented the beer and the addition of noble hops provided a nice crisp refreshing finish. The blend at first was nice crisp ale, hoppy, with just a hint of wild yeast character. Now, three months later, the ale has transformed to a whole new experience. I can detect notes of tropical fruit, honey, and light barnyard in the nose. Lightly tart, the ale is very refreshing and dry yet complex and vinous with subtle hop presence."

Ale Brewed with Honey and 30% Matured in Oak Barrels.

Conditioned for over 2 months in the bottle.

After having their most killer sour flight at Belmont Station during Puckerfest, I had officially become their biggest fanboy. I love the stuff, and the guys were pretty cool too. I love their vision.

Appearance: (4.5)
- Wonderful cloudy straw yellow and zesty orange brew with a huge fluffy 4 fingers of bright white head... won't settle to much but a pinky of thick foam, and layers around the glass. A really pretty farmhouse brew.

Smell: (4.0)
- Huge zesty and bready yeast notes, lovely sour and tart tang to the bready and creamy malt aromas.. sweet subtle honey notes, and bitter tinge. Not bad. Can't wait to taste.

Taste: (4.5)
- Sweet bready malts, big farmhouse yeasty bready notes.. esters, light clove and grain.. tart woody character, and a lovely citrus zest.. certainly a great beer. I was expecting a bit more sour, but didn't get it from the bottle. That is ok, because it is super good as it sits.

Mouth Feel: (4.5)
- Light to medium bodied, and very well carbonated as the style should be. Lovely chewy notes, and the zesty balance really sets the palate alive. Watering goodness. Dry as well in the finish. This beer seems to hit all the best qualities.

Overall: (4.5)
- This beer seems to be one of the most carefully crafted and finessed farmhouse ales I have had. Lovely oak barrel sour touch, and aging. The blend seems to be what a brewmaster would want to have on tap in his or her own home at all times. A very good farmhouse ale, and made even better with the slight souring process and barrel aging. The bottle seems like the cage on the cork was hand screwed and was kinda gnarley.. but the overall experience of this beer is nothing short of fantastic.

A / 4.4

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