Friday, August 12

Uinta Brewing Experience At The BeerMongers

Last Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to get down to The BeerMongers for a first ever in Oregon tasting of Uinta Brewing from Salt Lake City Utah. Past brewer, and manager Joe Mastrorocco was there sharing 8 different breeds of beer from Uinta.

We sampled 4 of their regular 12 oz. bottle beers, as well as 4 of their 'Crooked Line' series 750 ml. bottles.

Also at the tasting event (in the photo) is beer guru Jim, and Angelo of Brewpublic. It was nice to share thoughts and enjoy the beers. Joe was very informative and had an answer to all of our questions about the beer. At the event were other fellow tweeters and bloggers as well.

The tasting started with their lightest beer, the Sum'r Ale. This was a very good, and light beer created with Sorachi Ace hops. I was very impressed with this beer.

Following the Sum'r Ale was their Wyld Extra Pale Ale. This was another light balanced sessionable brew dry-hopped, and created with some great hops. Lots of Simcoe hops dominate the nose as well as flavor. If you are a big fan of that hop, you will love the beer.

Then the darker, more rich and balanced brews started pouring. The XVII Anniversary Barleywine was a favorite of mine. Very balanced, smooth, and put together very well. Lots of caramel, and bitter hops. Esters played a big role as well. Probably my personal favorite of the lot though many liked the one to follow.

Dubhe is a hoppy Black ale brewed with hemp seeds. The seeds played a big role in some spicy, herbal, and almost licorice-like flavors. I was very impressed with it, and later bought a bottle to pour. It was a hefty 9.2% Alc. by Vol.

Now the Crooked Line series started pouring. All four are stellar. Tilted Smile is an imperial pilsner which was super balanced, and lightly creamy. Wonderful bready malts and Saaz hops were put together very well to create this well-rounded brew.

Out of the four, the Detour Double IPA was probably my least favorite. That doesn't mean it was a bad beer at all. In fact, I quite loved it. Very good balance and take on caramel malts, and bitterness. I would take it over at least half of other local offerings. Some serious talent in brewing going on there.

The bourbon barrel aged barleywine was another fantastic hit. It took the great qualities of the Anniversary barleywine, and added a lot of rich toffee and wood flavors. I went back for a second taste of it as well as the next one..

Labyrinth Black Ale is a big 13.2% Alc. by Vol. multi-dimensional ale that blended the qualities of a stout, a cda, and porter all in one. Very smooth, chocolatey, and balanced.

I was impressed with each and every beer. I also liked how very different each beer was. I find that too many brewers make beers that all seem close to one another. These beers are set apart, and also set a high standard for many others to follow. I hope to see a lot more of these beers distributed over here in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area.

No adjuncts are used in their beers. Strictly a hefty grain bill and some very clean water makes their beers a fantastic offering. I highly recommend seeking these beers out.

The brewery is 85% wind powered, and 15% solar powered.



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