Friday, August 26

Beer Review: Stone/JF & KS/Troegs Cherry Chocolate Stout

Snagged this collaboration beer up at By The Bottle recently to try. 12oz. bottle for under $4. 7.3% Alc. by Vol.

Appearance: (4.0)
- Pours a hearty dark viscous stout. Can't see through it anywhere in my little Rogue flute. Finger of dark mocha head with a reddish highlight. Settles to a medium sized ring and scattered foam on top.

Smell: (3.5)
- Roasty dark and chocolate malts with a velvety vanilla blanket. Cherry barely comes through with a light sweet fruitiness. Certainly a bitter chocolate quality though.

Taste: (3.5)
- Certainly a good background stout. Roasted bitter malt profile.. lots of chocolate, bitter grain, and bitter hop. Slight background vanilla cherry cream. Not overly much though. It's solid, but really is kind of a mixed bag. Flavors seem to be fighting each other a bit, and are not getting along very well.

Mouth Feel: (3.5)
- Medium bodied, and drying to the palate. Slightly chalky and chewy. Overall it is well carbonated, and easy to drink.

Overall: (3.5)
- Not a bad brew.. but not worth any hype or out-of-the-way travels to acquire. It's a solid background stout with just the right alcohol content.. though the vanilla and cherry are not really doing it for me.

B / 3.53

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