Wednesday, August 31

Beer Review: Deschutes 'The Stoic'

By The Bottle here in the couve got these rather promptly, and of course I had to buy a bottle to try. I only got one, and I threw it in my wine cooler only for about a week. This release has a 'best by' date of 08/04/12. This is unusual for their reserve series as many have been built (brewed) to age. I would even think a typical 'quad' style beer could be aged quite awhile. But as I have read, many are slamming this beer as not being true-to-style. That it is not a 'Quad' by any means, but is more a crazy, complex, and interesting brew. Well I just cracked a bottle, and will give you my take. I paid about $12.99 for the bomber. I am also upset that I haven't seen any later releases of Mirror Mirror for quite awhile. *hint

Appearance: (4.0)
- Pours a clear new copper penny color. Big fat finger of fizzy white head.. has settled to a large lace making ring, and thin light fluffy pillow above the fluids. Seems rather bubbly like a sparkling wine.

Smell: (4.0)
- The smell is fantastic. Large copious amounts of clove, and Belgian-like banana yeast. Very bready, lightly sweet, and spicy. Light citrus notes, grassy hops, roasted honey, and crispy currants. Not bad. A little sweet smelling, and perhaps green.

Taste: (4.0)
- Seems like a quad to me. Fruity sweet candies, Belgian sugars perhaps, bright currants and pomegranate do shine with an acidic quality. They do however sit in front of what many may know as a golden Belgian quad. It is there, but it is subtle behind the tweaks, and complex creation. I rather like it, and think it could turn out even better after about 6 months. Just a touch too acidic currently, but really does have the good qualities of a fine quad. I get maybe just a touch of oak and rye bittering, but not enough. Guessing a larger % of barrel blended would have been better.

Mouth Feel: (3.5)
- It's a tad thin, as a quad should be. A little more towards the light bodied side, while a tad syrupy. It is finely carbonated, and I am sure would remain so, if not more so over a little time. Little sticky sweet, and wateringly acidic.

Overall: (3.5)
- It's a great brew. But it does in fact fall short for me, compared to their other 'Reserve' series beers. It is also off the beaten path for them as a brewer as well. I am more impressed with rare brews like their sour saison compared to this. It's not one to cellar for over a year, and it is also not a beer to rave about, and include into the hype machine. But overall I sense the solid quad backing, and like the steps taken to create such a complex, and unique brew. I would love to try it again in another 8 months or so.

B+ / 3.85

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