Thursday, August 25

Beer Review: Breakside Brewing Gin Barrel Double Wit

This beer is a Gin-Barrel Double Wit, a strong Belgian wheat ale that was aged in an Old Tom gin barrel inoculated with lactobacillus.

I hit up the pub last night and enjoyed the lovely Summer Gruit and IPA on tap. Unfortunately this sour gin-barrel aged double wit was no longer on tap, but there were still plenty 750ml bottles left of the 15 cases total. In fact, I don't think hardly any of them had sold but a half case or so. Better get on it! I paid $12 for each bottle, and grabbed only two. I am guessing that it sits at about 7% alc. by vol. And probably isn't a beer to be aged further in the bottle.

Appearance: (4.0)
- Pours a nice cloudy straw yellow and light orange wheat color. Couple of fingers of fluffy white head settle to a bumpy and spotty thin froth on top.

Smell: (4.0)
- Fresh zesty lemon and herbs hit the nose right off. Light sweetness, dryness, and sourness all melded in scent. Slight esters and a fruity touch. Certainly some woody character going on.

Taste: (4.5)
- Big spicy citrus zest. Light bready funk, and a tart sourness which seems almost too perfect for the brew. Light woody gin character certainly playing a big role. Light malt flavors, only slightly sweet which balances the whole array of flavors. Something about it makes me not want to put the glass down.. but forever keep it flowing across the palate. Light bitter herbal hops.

Mouth Feel: (4.0)
- A rather light to medium body, and very perfectly carbonated. The gin and hop character really makes for a very dry beer. Must be why I want to keep drinking it. Very clean.

Overall: (4.5)
- This beer is super good. The gin-barrel quality really highlights a very zesty, citrus wit. All around this beer spells win. It's super dry which I like. Only thing i would say is a slight downside is a slight soapy touch to the smell and taste. But it really is just the affect of the lacto and gin I believe. A great summer drinker as well. Super good stuff.

A / 4.33

( Rating Scale)

**On a side note, they will be releasing Bourbon-Barrel Aztec Aug. 31st!

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