Sunday, July 17

Mt. Tabor Brewing Preview & Cruising The Gut

I certainly enjoyed the festivities last night in Vancouver for their 3rd annual Cruising The Gut classic car, rod, and custom cruise up and down Main St. in downtown Vancouver.

By The Bottle sponsored a beer garden event called "The Divine Beer Garden". Turnout was ok, but I feel it wasn't promoted very well. They had two beers pouring on 9th st. off main in front of the soon to be opened Mt. Tabor Brewing.

I had the opportunity to check out the joint and see how Eric Surface has come along. We talked a bit about his future plans and when he expects to start brewing some beer. The cooler has come along, and his fermentation vessels are coming along well. Everything is just about hooked up and ready for some brewing. Eric stated that some beer should be brewing in about 2-3 weeks.

Unfortunately no Mt. Tabor brews were available for preview at the beer garden event. I look very forward to trying them as I never have had the chance to in Portland yet.

I asked what kind of beers Eric will be brewing, and what the regular line up will be. He stated about 5 regulars which will of course include his IPA, and a couple of Stouts. He also mentioned that about 8 or 9 seasonals will be rotated in. I asked about specialty brews and he stated that he doesn't brew sours. He brews what he likes to drink. He also stated that he will be doing some brewing with a friend who does a lot of Saisons and he hopes to nail down some Saison recipes to release in the future with Mt. Tabor Brewing.

The bar is nearing completion and I look forward to sitting at it quaffing some brews. Hopefully the joint will be open and ready to go in about a month and a half. The tile is set, and there is only primarily more decorative stuff left to go. It's nice to see the joint opening in downtown Vancouver. It seems as though the area wasn't the most friendly to small business. Now things have seemed to change for the better.

I was also able to meet Devon and Tom of the newly crafted Loowit Brewing. They are looking at a spot, and have their mind set on that spot which is just a couple of blocks south of Mt. Tabor Brewing. Both the guys were very kind, and seemed to have their hearts in brewing fully, and are anxious to get some brews going. Eric mentioned that he really likes there beers and that he feels they will do very well. Like stated at their site, BeerCouver is rising!

I am already starting to see a downtown Vancouver pub crawl in the works. We've got By the Bottle and Salmon Creek Brewpub. Mt. Tabor Brewing a block south, and then Loowit Brewing a couple down from there... Beering the gut? Groove in the couve? Beercouver pub crawl? Something! I can't wait!

By the Bottle was pouring Boneyard's RPM IPA which seemed to fit very well for the event. Also Double Mountain Brewing Kolsch was on for the lighter beer drinker. Both were as great as always. I really hope to see this become a large annual event for them. The street that was blocked off was in a great spot, and I noticed some room for some improvements. They did as well, and it is a work in progress.

I don't know about anybody else, but I can't imagine a better combination than classic muscle cars, and beer. Well, and some hot ladies too. I always get excited seeing such awesome staples of American history driving by. I hope Vancouver continues this event, and I hope to see it grow. I also hope to have a car ready in the future so I can be a part of the event as well. Seeing some of the same cars there that I have owned made me a bit sad and jealous.

Also an energetic cop just HAD to pull a guy over for revving his engine. Fortunately the guy just got a warning, but I got it all on tape just in case. The guy flew out of his car like some kind of a super cop in a movie. He must have been high on his own ego.

Anyway, I can't wait for it next year already. It's time to bring back the beer garden and draw out some more classics and rods. Cheers to Vancouver, and cheers to those who put such hard work and long hours both into their classic cars, and beers in which they produce!

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