Thursday, July 21

Documentary: Women In The Craft Beer Industry

Alison Grayson has created the fine work of a beer documentary focusing on women's involvement in the currently exploding craft beer industry. It used to be commonly perceived that women had no interest in beer, or the consumption of it. Beer has changed and times have changed. Many women are influencing and shaping the industry as well as enjoying it much the same as us dudes.

The documentary will be showing at the Bagdad Theater in Portland, OR. The event will be on Saturday, August 20th, at 7:30PM. It starts with a meet-and-greet, then a panel discussion on stage at 8:30, followed by the film at 9:00. Tickets are $6 in advance and can be purchased online at Cascade Tickets.

A more thorough writeup about it can be found at Brady Walen's 'The Daily Pull'.

The Love of Beer from Lingering Illocutions on Vimeo.

"Alison Grayson is a true production junkie. Though camera operation is her passion, she'll happily work as anything on set! As much as she adores production, she's equally at home in front of the computer, editing commercials, shorts, and documentaries.

Transplanted from the east coast, Alison graduated with a BS in film and video production from Drexel University. She spent a year and a half with and The Today Show creating "man on the street" interview segments in Philadelphia, New York, and later in Portland. She's worked with companies such as Special Olympics Oregon, CBS radio, LG, TLC, The Portland Trail Blazers, and Clackamas County Government Channel.

She is currently producing a documentary focusing on the women involved in the NW's beer community, and her goal as a documentarian is to celebrate people who are fighting the odds to pursue their dreams. In her non-production time, she can be found hiking, at a coffeeshop or bewpub with friends, or taking Krav Maga."

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