Wednesday, July 13

Beer Review: Firestone Walker Parabola Imperial Stout 2011

Of course I had to grab a couple of these before they vanished. This is one of those beers with so much hype around it, that folks search high and low to buy them all up.

This 12.5% Alc. by Vol. stout is the 2nd limited series released. The first only 1000 cases were released. This series has a total of 3000 cases produced. The portion of the ale that was barrel aged, sat in bourbon barrels for 12 months. The bottle ran about $17.

Appearance: (4.0)
- Nice super dark murky brown and black. Thick fingers of mocha tan head, nice and creamy looking.. slowly settles to a thin blanket and large ring ready to create more rings the whole way down the glass.

Smell: (4.5)
- Lovely sweet toffee, vanilla, oak earthiness and a tart bourbon touch. Barrel aging has worked well with the aroma on this stout. Chocolatey smooth grain and sweet creamy candy. Light grassy bitterness.

Taste: (4.0)
- Very sweet toffee, vanilla, and bourbon flavors melded very well with a candy-like chocolate and dark bitter chocolate. Big bourbon notes with fantastic flavor. Dry bitter grassy and earthy hops are quite present as well to attempt to balance this sweet beast. Super good and doesn't taste too hot. Guessing this beer will taste even better with a few years on it.

Mouth Feel: (3.5)
- Little sticky and syrupy as of now. Cloying, chewy, and drying. Pretty viscous body with a healthy amount of carbonation. Not too bad, but again, something I feel will get much better, and maybe even more creamy and less sticky with age.

Overall: (4.5)
- This is a stellar stout, and rises above many in its field. It is damn fine fresh, and is sure to be a real hit aged. I am hoping to find a couple more to cellar as I now only have one left in the cellar. Damn good, and get it while you can.

A- / 4.15 (I am sure this will move up greatly with age on the bottle)

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