Monday, July 18

Beer Review: Anchorage Brewing Whiteout Wit

Just home from having two great sours from this weeks 'Puckerfest' at Belmont Station (see below). Since I'm in the sour mood...

Many may or may not know that this is Gabe Fletcher's new brewery. He recently left as brewmaster of Midnight Sun Brewing. I am kind of shocked to already see his first released beer with a screen printed bottle. It seems as though it has been less than a year since he left Midnight Sun Brewing. As I recall, I think I paid around $12 for this beer which is a bit steep for such a light style. The 750 ml tall bottle was caged and corked. I would have preferred a cap if it would have made the beer cheaper.

Appearance: (4.5)
- Pours a fantastic glowing yellow straw color with a creamy white couple fingers of head. It looks like a great wit, or berliner weisse. The head settles and has a bit of lace in the glass, and leaves a thing creamy top with scattered rings where the bubbles seem to keep appearing. This is a fantastic and spot-on looking brew.

Smell: (4.0)
- Wonderful light wheat, a bit of funk, and some light tartness from the brett. A bit bready and sweetly creamy. Some light spices, perhaps a touch of clove, and herbs. Light esters and an earthy oak presence really smooth this puppy out. Fantastic.

Taste: (4.0)
- Nice subtle wheat and oak rides lightly on a crisp and tart medley. Certainly a light spice and earthy character with a nice touch of funk. Overall it seems a touch mild as of yet. I bet this would transform even further with a little time on it. Seems very spot on for a berliner weisse. As it warms up, certainly some peppercorn shows through which is nice.

Mouth Feel: (4.5)
- This beer is dry. I love dry. Light bodied, a touch chewy, and just plain dry. I love it. Perhaps the dry feel isn't for everybody. Perhaps the chardonnay oak plays a bit of a role here, but the brett is king.

Overall: (4.5)
- Brettastic first release from Gary. A light sessionable wit with a really great funky and tart character. I hope to get a couple more to sit on for awhile and see what happens. I knew this guy would kick off with a killer start. It's an amazing feat to be able to brew such specialty beers, and actually distribute them.

A- / 4.18

( Rating Scale)

The beer was brewed with lemon peel, peppercorns and corriander. I got a bit of tart from the lemon peel... which is really a characteristic of a good wit anyway. The peppercorn shined through as it warmed a little, and left a spicy touch on the tongue.

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