Saturday, July 30


Many I am sure know what the #31beers hashtag on Twitter was all about. If not, here is a small description:

July is Oregon Craft Beer Month (#ocbm), and a trend was started for folks to count their way up to drinking 31 Oregon craft-made brews. If you were more hardcore (which I wasn't) you would have done 31 breweries too. (#31breweries).

My beer list isn't too eclectic, artisan, or all around groovy. But like the #pdxbeergeek that I am, I wrote the list down, and am posting it. I had my 31st full pint of Oregon-made beer the day before I went to #OBF (Oregon Brewers Festival). Needless to say that for #ocbm I was rather #thirsty, enjoyed many types of #craftbeer #inpdx and abroad. I really dig #pdxbeer and have a special #brewmance for it.

31 Oregon Beers Consumed by yours truly:

  • Boneyard Brewing - Hop Venom Double IPA
  • Boneyard Brewing - Armored Fist Imperial CDA
  • Hop Valley Brewing - Vanilla Infused Porter
  • Coalition Brewing - Mr. Pigs Pale Ale
  • Coalition Brewing - Two Dogs IPA
  • Laurelwood Brewing - Workhorse IPA
  • Pelican Brewing - Ankle Buster Belgian Pale
  • Widmer Brewing - X-114 IPA Rotator Series
  • Caldera Brewing - Pale Ale
  • Bridgeport Brewing - Summer Squeeze Bright Ale
  • Full Sail Brewing - LTD 03 Pilsner (Limited Edition Lager)
  • Fort George Brewing - Vortex IPA
  • Beetje Brewing - Flemish Kiss Pale
  • Coalition Brewing - Wheat The People
  • Coalition Brewing - Coalator Tuscan Wheat (Cheers to Mike Marsh for that wonderful cantaloupe infused wheat!)
  • Lucky Labrador Brewing - Cask Conditioned Dog Day IPA
  • Full Sail Brewing - Elevation Imperial IPA
  • Boneyard Brewing - RPM IPA
  • Brideport Brewing - Blue Heron Pale Ale
  • Fort George Brewing - Quick Wit Wheat Ale
  • BJ's Pizza (& then brewery) - '07 Enfant Terrible Sour Golden Belgian (Puckerfest, kicked ass)
  • Flat Tail Brewing - 1st Anniversary (Oaked mash-hopped blonde, blended and soured)
  • Double Mountain Brewing - Rainier Kriek (sour)
  • Upright Brewing - Belmont Station 14th Anniversary beer (Great gin-barrel light sour brew)
  • Deschutes Brewing - Sour Saison
  • Upright Brewing - Lambicus 6
  • Upright Brewing - 2010 Apricot Gin Barrel Farmhouse
  • Block 15 Brewing - Enchanted (Freakin' Delicious Sour)
  • Widmer Brewing - Nelson Imperial IPA
  • Widmer Brewing - Pitch Black IPA
  • Hopworks Brewing - Deluxe Organic Ale

You can pretty much see where I hit up Puckerfest for the 3 days that I managed to. I would have to say that I have never had such great beers at one place, and at one given time frame. It's been an expensive month!

There's the list! Anyone else geek out and make one?

Cheers to #OregonBeers!


  1. I double whammied it. I did 31 unique beers from 31 breweries, and visited 31 breweries. Completed list...

  2. You sir are a tiger. One with bright stripes lol ;)