Tuesday, June 28

The Wine and Beer Merchant

When Chuck's Market & Produce opened up off of Mill Plain and about 135th, I was pretty excited. I really dig the store and their produce. I try to do a lot of my less expensive, non-fruit, non-vegetable shopping at WinCo down the way on Andreson.

At the time Chuck's opened, I was excited to see a little beer and wine corral. Also it had different hours than the market itself, and collected the money for the goods in the corral.

The good news is, they have moved to their own spot right next door to Chuck's Market now to the right of Chuck's entrance. It is a larger space, and nicely laid out. I also noticed a space where they offer wine tastings, and will be soon offering beer tastings as well. I like their layout and idea. Apparently Widmer will be the first to do a beer tasting there. The company's new spot however is still very new, and they don't even have their signage up yet on the exterior of the building.

One thing I have always liked were the beer prices. I just picked up a couple 6-packs of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot for just a little over $10 each. They often have sales on bombers as well. I remember last winter picking up bombers of Southern Tiers Pumking for under $5 a piece. I was floored. Many 6-packs are a good deal as well for your regular fridge drinkers. The selection isn't as large as such bottle shops like Belmont Station, and The BeerMongers, but they do have better prices than most bottle shops and even grocery stores such as Whole Foods, and New Seasons.

I look forward to seeing how the joint grows. Vancouver isn't known as a very craft beer friendly environment. I hope I can help get Vancouver there by promoting and pushing craft beer locally.

Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Come stop by and browse our 250+ beer selection - with a strong focus on local Pacific NW micro brews. We also offer a wide selection (over 450) wines with the best pricing around town.
13125 SE Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98684 · Get Directions
(503) 705-8649
Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm"

** Pardon the picture quality, I was only just in there with my Android.

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