Sunday, June 19

Trade Route Brewing

Many may remember the old Laughing Buddha Brewing in Seattle, WA. You may also remember them getting sued because an Australian Brewer used Buddha shaped bottles.

I got a little nudge from the good folks at By The Bottle here in Vancouver about the comeback of Trade Route Brewing. Comeback meaning some more distribution and beer. Soon there are to be some tastings planned from Trade Route at By The Bottle. Some showcased beers will be their 'Hoppy Bitch' IPA, and a Mango Weizen. Many may remember the Ginger Pale as well. They also have a nice black ale, and a smoked brew called a Feuerbier. Check out their site here!

They kind of kept quiet in the past since the loss of the great Buddha, but it looks like they will be hitting back in the market pretty hard right now. Look out for tastings and new brews from Trade Route Brewing out of Pacific, WA!

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