Friday, June 3

My Thoughts On Coalition Brewing

After I spent the day hiking through and past Multnomah Falls, I had already planned to have my recovery beers afterwards at Coalition Brewing. I haven't yet been there, and looked very forward to trying the joint. I never saw it, or saw any pictures in other blog posts etc.

At about 3:45 in the afternoon, it was pretty slow, and happy hour was going 3-6pm. I went straight for the bar to have a seat at a nice bar chair that actually had a back on it to lean on. At the time as sore as I was, that was nice. I first of course had to have the IPA that was on the menu, the Two Dogs IPA. Wonderful bitterness, and a slight fruity touch which I later learned was an addition of apricots. It was a very tasty brew. When happy hour ended.. it seemed as though the place began to get packed.

I liked the feel of the place. It had a nice old fashioned speakeasy, or more A European flare. It's not overly large, and has some decent seating. I felt at home, and can see myself drinking a beer there on more occasions than some of the others in town.

The next beer I tried before I ordered food, was one from their Coalator Program. This is a program which accepts homebrewers recipes to be served on their taps. They usually help refine the recipe a bit before production. Bruce I am sure helps get the brews on and tweaked if needed. The Coalator brews are usually only a 10 gallon batch from their pilot system, thus only two corny kegs being filled. If it is a very popular beer, they may be asked to brew on their full 10 bbl system. The beer I had was called Blonde on Blonde, and was a golden Belgian Flanders style ale. One keg was dry-hopped, and that was the one I loved the best. I don't know about Flanders, but it was a great hoppy Belgian blonde and I loved the small traces of hops floating in my glass.

I then ordered the simple 'Rustic Veggie Sandwich'. It had peppers, spinach, and cheese toasted panini-style on a bun with chips. They had more fancy stuff on the menu, but I was wanting to save room for my recovery beers. A lot of the food I saw being walked out from the back looked fantastic.

The bar tender was a very cool guy and I thought had a great sense of humor. He wasn't afraid to get going in a conversation. He was also happy to allow me some tasters of some of their other beers. The King Kitty Red was a fantastic red ale, and the Hanso vs. Bulleit stout (Their house stout aged in oak) was super good. I especially liked the fact that the oaked brew wasn't an imperial. I really like a nice oak aged beer that is a standard brew. The last pint I had was their Wu Cream Ale which was quite good as well without being overboard on sweetness or creaminess. All the beers I had were very solid and I wanted more of them, but after dinner, I had to make my travel back home. It would be a blessing to live within stumbling distance from there.

Very solid beers, great food, and a very cool atmosphere with very friendly folks working there. A must go-to little pub. I plan on going back there very soon and often.

Open: Tues-Fri 3pm-12am, Sat-Sun 12pm-12am
Happy Hour: 3pm-6pm


  1. This is one of our favorite places! That being said we've been trying to hit others lately and are long overdue to visit again. I've had all their beers, the regular line up, and have been pleased even with the ones I don't order all the time. Kitty Kat and Two Dogs are standbys for us. The folks that work there are great and the food tasty (if they still have the pretzel dip on the menu, get it next time).

  2. Thanks for the tip! I sure will! That just sounds damn good..