Sunday, June 26

Migration Brewing Company, Portland, OR.

I finally made it down to Migration brewing company the other day. It's a short click East of 28th and Glisan Street in NE Portland. 28th St. seems to be a cool little strip of many trendy little places. Even the Cuban joint across Glisan seemed to be packed.

I walked in with a buddy and first sat down at a table near the roll up door. I wanted to quickly look over the beer list, and the small assortment of food offerings. I noticed a sign that said to walk up to the bar to place orders. So I approached a gentlemen at the bar and ordered two of their Luscious Lupulin IPA's which had recently won an IPA blind tasting event at the Horse Brass.

The beer was great as I expected. A very crisp and clean IPA with a fantastic bitterness which I prefer in an IPA. It certainly wasn't a Californian overkill as I call it, which is an IPA that simply has too much floral and citrus aroma hops for flavor. It was very solid.

The gentleman at the bar though had the personality of a door stop. Not much smiling going on, discussion, you name it. Kind of like an unhappy robot. I find this trait to be very common though with businesses in the trendy areas of Portland. Having grown up there, I remember the times when Portland was the most polite city in the country. It really isn't anymore. Not to say the service was bad. It was certainly just fine. I just felt like I was being served by Rosie.

I then walked up and ordered their spicy humus and veggie plate followed by a round of their seasonal Black Hearted Ale. The humus plate consisted of a large amount of great spicy humus in a little bowl with two different types of breads that were not toasted. Lot's of cucumber slices lined the bowl, and a row sat on the larger plate which also contained some sliced green bell pepper, and tomato. There were a few pitted olives as well which are always nice to see on a humus plate. It was a decent humus plate, and is really summed up as being just average. The beer was above average. Comparing the humus plate to Breakside Brewing.. I liked Breaksides humus plate much better, but thought the beer lacked the quality that I experienced at Migration.

Later a woman was running the bar and was much more talkative and kind. She wore a great personality. It wasn't like talking to a non-smiling railroad worker in an early industrial era photograph. She was very pleasant.

Overall I haven't had more of their food offerings. It seems as though their website listed a lot more food options than the actual menu at the establishment did. I saw most eating a meatball sub they offer which looked pretty good.

It has a very simple atmosphere, and displays a large flat screen TV for the Blazer games which is a cool touch. I have nothing against a TV at a brewpub. There was plenty of cool outdoor seating outside of the roll-up doors as well. I also like a tucked away nook which had a couple of couches and a coffee table. Would be a cool place to bring a book and enjoy one of their beers.

They fill growlers for $12. So go fill one up. You won't be disappointed. I thought the two beers I tried were great. I will try other food items as I continue to go there.

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