Tuesday, June 21

Burnside Brewing To Bottle Some Beers!

Great news from such a new and great start up brewpub in Portland. If you haven't been there yet, you are missing out on some of the best and most interesting food plates, as well as some killer beers.

"Brewing greats Jason McAdam, an original Roots Organic Brewery owner and founder, Jay Gilbert formerly of Full Sail Ales, and Adam Cassie, all of the Burnside Brewing Company have finalized their supplier/wholesaler agreement with Maletis Beverage.

Burnside Brewing Company, currently brewing 6 draft beers from their 15-barrel brew house will enjoy a wide distribution network of the On-Premise accounts in Maletis Beverage’s account base. Burnside Brewing Company will begin bottling at the end of next month when Maletis Beverage will take the package product to off premise locations.

The brewery is noted for their unfiltered, lagered beers and their innovative brew pub menu while the wholesaler is recognized as the oldest family-owned beer distributorship in Portland."


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