Thursday, June 30

Boneyard Hoppy Beer Night At The BeerMongers

Many probably know that I am perhaps the biggest Boneyard Beer fanboy. The folks at Boneyard know what they are doing and have recently celebrated their 1st year anniversary. Brewmaster Tony has been brewing in the business for many years, and it shows in their beers quality and consistency.

Tomorrow, Friday, July 1st, 6pm, at The BeerMongers, 5 of their hoppiest, IPA, Pale, and CDA beers will be tapped. One of the beers being tapped is their Notorious Triple IPA. They don't even have that at their Bend tasting room anymore. It was brewed to celebrate their first year anniversary. I was fortunate enough to have it at Roscoe's in Portland during their last IPA summit. Others will include their Bone'a'Fide Pale, RPM IPA (which is perhaps very close to being my favorite IPA), Hop Venom Double IPA (I haven't had this one yet), and their Armored Fist Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale/Black IPA. I love the Armored Fist. I wish I had a full time keg of it at all times in my kitchen. I would skip meals and replace those meals with Armored Fist. It's a must try!


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