Thursday, May 5

Upcoming Changes to Brewmance NW & About Brewmance NW

Hello, my name is Perry, and I created Brewmance NW. Yes, another beer blog. Below I will explain a little bit about myself, and what I intend to do here.

At the time of writing this, I am 32 years old. I was born and raised in NE Portland, OR. I grew up quite close to the Rose City Golf Course in the Rose City neighborhood. I actually attended Rose City Park Elementary for grades 4, and 5. I later attended Gregory Heights Middle School, and then finished High School at Benson Polytechnic High School, class of 1997. I also attended MHCC with an associates degree, and still continue my education at many other various institutions.

Needless to say, I began my craft beer experiences long before many had the opportunity to across the country. I feel Portland, and Oregon in general plays one of the biggest parts as to what craft beer is today.

I am simply here to continue my craft beer experiences, and log them. After all, that is what a blog is isn't it? Well maybe not just that. It has become a tool to promote. Blogs and beer websites have become a marketing masterpiece. With ads that pay the folks running them, to companies paying to promote their product.

I am one who would gladly accept monetization for simple advertising, and presenting an existing brand etc. I won't however alter a review, or try and promote a new release of a beer with a bias. I always speak my mind, and judge based solely on what I feel the quality of the beer is. Price does not affect my judging (User: Docer @BeerAdvocate).

With every new release, or follow up of a release, I will speak as to what I think.

On another note, I am always happy to try and spread the word. I love promoting small business, and especially a business in which I support and promote. Great people, hard work, excellent food, and fantastic moments are only part of this entire blogosphere.

I'm still learning, and have tried to incorporate my website knowledge, geekiness, beer drinking, personality, and local touch into this world of craft beer fandom. I recently moved north to Vancouver, WA, and plan to help promote what I feel is an up-and-coming growth of the industry which has boomed just south in Portland. Right at this very time I feel Portland is hitting it's stop sign. Not in beers created, style, and artistic approach.. but in sprawl of new and up-and-coming breweries. It will become a much more difficult playing field for the little guys.

So here I am. Happy to promote those who work hard, and play hard in the craft beer industry. Because craft beer is much more than just drinking a good beer. Through watching other local bloggers, and bloggers from afar, I have seen many blossom into careers. Huge money making opportunities. Others just wasting time because they have time to spare.

To me that feels like bottling what spilled on the floor, and selling it. I don't have time to spare, but yet I must... I want... I need to promote craft beer. It's a true passion of mine, and one in which I endure responsibly.

I work a full 40 hours a week. Really this is just a hobby. But I am amazed at how many new and great experiences I encounter as a result of this hobby. And having a file cabinet in my head of various craft beer knowledge is something I hold dear. I love having an answer, or recommendation.

My goal is to push, promote, and offer critique on craft beer. That's it.

I am also open to allowing other writers to be a part of the brewmance. After all, this blog is intended to spread the word, and promote local brews and business! It is what it is, and will remain to be... what it is!


P.S. Sometimes I may be repeating what another blogger has posted! That is either because I read the same newsletter, or because I read their blog! It's all about spreading the word right?



  1. Hiya Perry: pretty much the same motivation that I have for blogging. Just a hobby for me too, balanced against work and family time. Not sure there are too many opportunities to make it into a career, at least not one that pays very well. But lots of fun.

  2. Agreed fully! This is very fun.

    I get a little pissed when I see bias in some blogs is all. They get sent a beer, and reserve any negative thoughts they may have about a brew, and/or brewery.

    It's great some are talented enough to become great journalists, writers, and marketers in such a competitive field.

    But like you, I too enjoy the hobby, and the people it draws me in to meet.

    Hope to hook up soon, and perhaps we'll cross paths soon!

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