Saturday, May 14

Tis The Season For A Sessionable Regular Fridge Beer

As Spring hits, an array of light sessionable ales and lagers will be hitting the super market shelves. Leaves are growing, squirrels are digging holes in flower beds, and you need to keep the lawn mowed, and trash taken out. Where days off have an earlier start time, and a much later bed time. We want beer, and we want it for lunch, and dinner in the hotter months. So I am making a list of just regular light ales and lagers that can easily be found for a small price, and in large fridge filling quantity. I'm not talking about a $9 6-pack of Stone Levitation, or a 750ml bottle of Upright Brewing Four (though they are super good brews). I am talking about that half-rack on sale at Win Co, Fred Meyer, and/or QFC among many others. There are many, and I am only going to post a few that fit the bill. These beers are the ones I like to have regularly while I can still enjoy the more rare and expensive beers in between and on more special occasions.

1. Bridgeport Summer Squeeze.

I have not yet had this beer, as I haven't seen it yet. I do feel however that this beer will be delicious, light, and refreshing. Look out for it, I think it is going to be a winner, and one of Bridgeport's better beers to date.

2. Bridgeport Blue Heron Pale Ale.

This has always been a favorite local pale ale of mine. It is light, balanced, and well made, and I believe still to this day that it is one of Bridgeport's best beers. I heard that somewhere along the line the recipe changed, and my palate has changed as well. If that's the case, I still love the beer.

3. Full Sail Pale Ale.

This too is another great pale ale, and one with a lot of flavor. It's still light, and not so filling, and can be found anywhere around Portland for a great price. I like this one ice cold, and it delivers the perfect northwest bite.

4. Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager.

A great regular crisp pilsner. Nice touch of spice, and hop.. and can be found with ease during the spring and summer months.

5. Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefe.

This is one fantastic hefe. I was surprised at how good it was when I had it. Full of flavor, and really seems to be spot on for the style. It can usually be found in most places, but I will admit, it is slightly more difficult to find as their pale ale.

6. Red Hook Sunrye.

A couple years back, I bought a 6-pack just to try it. I fell in love. Great light flavor, and unique with a touch of rye which I love. A great beer, and was easily found anywhere for a good price. Now I will admit, I haven't seen it, and am certainly hoping they don't pull this beer from their regular seasonal lineup. I like it much better than their Slim Chance seasonal which for me fell kind of flat.

7. Widmer Citra Blonde.

This one I look very forward to trying. Widmer has continued to astonish me with a lot of new and tasty, experimental beers. I haven't seen this one hit the shelves yet, but I bet it will be a big hit this summer. Price is always usually quite good for Widmer products.

8. MacTarnahans Summer Grifter

For me this brewery fell kind of flat for quite awhile, and I rarely if ever purchased any of their beers. Last year they released Summer Grifter. I bought it then, and I buy it now. This is quite a good light very hoppy IPA, and was kind of surprised by it. Give it a shot!

This is only 8 beers, and there are others that can easily be found. I didn't mention Full Sails Session series because it is sort of a given, but I find myself getting half-racks and 6-packs of the above beers before I dig into a Full Sail Session lager. I hear there is a new Session brew coming, and I look forward to trying it.

I will most likely make another list of great session beers that will be a little more specific and robust than this, but my main point of this article was to post some simple sessionable favorites that can be found for cheap while doing some grocery shopping.

Cheers, and I have to finish my laundry..


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