Sunday, May 15

Thoughts On Burnside Brewing Company

Last night I went to Burnside Brewing Company for the first time to meet a fellow beer blogger/tweeter/enthusiast to pick up some Oakshire Hellshire Series 'I' bottles that he had picked up for me as a killer favor. I decided to pick Burnside thinking it might be a little more quiet than Breakside Brewing since it was Breakside's 1 year anniversary party.

Upon entering, I just made it in when I had the option to seat myself. The only spot available was a small table right at the entrance which sat two. Luckily I snagged it because many poured in right after, and it was pretty much standing room only at that point. It was about 6:45pm when I entered.

It took but only a few minutes for a gentleman to come over with a menu, and a green wine bottle filled with water, and glasses. He was very polite, and I feel did an excellent job serving me. The water in the bottle was a fancy touch, and was quite cool. It served its purpose very well between tasting the beers, and food.

Before my friend @mmcooljam showed, I ordered the Sweet Heat Wheat Ale. I have read a lot about the beer, and looked very forward to trying it. It didn't disappoint at all. The blend of wheat malt, apricot puree, and Jamaican peppers was a perfect blend. The spice was there certainly, but not overly hot. I thought it was a very well made beer, and one I plan on filling growlers of for sure (Growler prices are $14 w/ glass, and $10 for fills).

After my friend showed up, I ordered the cured meat sampler platter. The menu was quite fancy, and about half of it I couldn't figure out what the items even were. Very fancy la-di-da kind of menu. This is not your regular pub grub. After sampling some of the fine French meats, pickled deali-bobbers, and toasted bread to serve as a catalyst, it clicked. The menu serves as an excellent food and beer pairing tool. The cured meats were nothing short of amazing, as was the beer. I certainly hope to get in there as often as I can (And as often as the wallet can allow). I want to try everything on the menu. Because everything on the menu typically can't be found on any other menu. The pricing was very fair, and they served full pints. What could be better? I later got a second beer, and it was a pint of their house IPA. It was a great solid beer with a fantastic hop flare. My only slightly negative critique of it, was that the malt had a slightly homebrewy taste to it. But overall was still very solid.

Another cool thing I noticed, was a lot of zombies across Burnside at what I believe was the Bossanova Ballroom. A Zombie Prom of sorts was going on. That made for a particularly interesting evening as I am kind of partial to zombies. I had a great time there, and service was great, and the food was great. The only real downside of the whole experience was the fact that everybody waiting at the door to be seated seemed to be waiting for just me and my friend to leave. As if the tiny two-seated table by the entrance was the only one there. I felt rushed, and stared at by the patrons at the door, and some of the servers walking by. The gentleman that waited my table didn't rush at all, and took his time. A fantastic server, and perfect for the establishment. Some of the folks in there were certainly snobs, and not the beer snob type. I was simply wearing jeans with a tucked in Salmon Creek Brewpub T-shirt, and wasn't any more over dressed, or under dressed than anybody there. But I felt like a naked bum in a mansion full of yuppies. Perhaps it was just because my table was the only one visible at the time, and they couldn't tell that all the seating was around the other side of the bar. Or the patrons just felt that they were more important. Yes, it was a Saturday night, and perhaps it was a little more busy than the place could really handle or seat for that matter.

I also wish they would open earlier as well. The have mainly evening time hours. I would love to be able to pop in there for lunch at Noon or 1:00 PM some days, but they typically open at either 2, or 3 PM.

Either way, the place was great. The meat platter I had was stellar. Really well made quality stuff. I was thoroughly impressed.

I recommend that everybody try Burnside Brewing when in town, or if you live in town. It stands above so many others.

I was also going to bring my camera, but decided not to. So sorry about the poor original Android quality in the pictures ;)




  1. Don't forget to head over there on a Wednesday evening, when all of their house pints are $3. Super deal.

  2. That's one hell of a deal for such good brews in full pints! Thanks for the tip! Their growler fills are great prices too!