Wednesday, May 4

Portland Fruit Beer Festival

The refreshing taste of fruity beers. As far back as my beer drinking goes, fruit beers have always been around, yet isn't a style that is created and abused as many others. My memories go back to the likes of Pyramid Apricot Ale, Widmer Widberry, and Thomas Kemper Weizenberry. My more recent ventures with beers have included many interesting fruits and ingredients. Raisins, fig, cherries, and many others. When a great brewery such as Cascade Brewing phrases a beer like: "This barrel aged sour blend is laid on a bed of raspberries.." gets my tongue in a flailing frenzy.

You can expect many well made beers from over 15 breweries, mostly local, held at one of Portland's newer breweries & pubs, Burnside Brewing.

The event is all ages, and most of the beers will be pouring in a covered tent in the parking lot. There will be overflow seating as well.

Saturday June 11th 11-9pm
Sunday June 12th 11-6pm

Burnside Brewing will remain open during their regular business hours for good eats and beers.

Also on another note, there will be a fruit beer homebrew competition organized by the Oregon Brew Crew at the event as well.

Tasting cups are much like those at various local beer fests. Tickets are each $1, and each ticket covers a 4 oz. pour. Pints are available for 4 tickets. The glass itself is $6, and is required for the tastings.

Mark your calendars! Cheers!



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