Wednesday, May 4

Portland Festival of Saisons at the Cascade Barrel House

One of my first Saisons, as many, was Saison DuPont, which will be available at a small one day event that takes place this Saturday at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House in SE Portland off 10th & Belmont St.

Cascade will have the famous Saison DuPont on tap as well as their own Saison Fume, which is a smoked Saison, and La Petite Morte, Saison Minuit, a Black Saison.

Other saisons to be there are as follows:

Block 15's Hatter's Riddle (Brewed w/ Dandelion & two unknown ingredients)
Oregon Brew Crew/Green Dragon Thai-son, brewed with lemongrass and ginger.
Breakside Amarillo Saison (Brewed with Brett)
The Bruery Saison de Lente (Brewed with Brett)
Oakshire's Frederic's Lost Arm, brewed with green tea.
Stillwater Cellar Door, with ingredients such as sage.
Stillwater Existant
Buckman La Petite Morte
Double Mountain Bonne Idee
Two Rivers Cider Saison, a cider brewed with saison yeast.

The event is on Saturday, May 7th, from Noon til 10pm.

Bring your own 14 oz. festival mug, or buy one there for $3. Each 4 oz. pour is 1 ticket ($1), or fill the 14 oz. mug for 4 tickets ($4).

I wish I could make it to taste many from one of my favorite styles, but work has to come first! Cheers!


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