Tuesday, May 3

Bridgeport Brewing to Release New "Summer Squeeze" Bright Ale.

One popular trend lately has been light session brews. After a wave of double and/or imperial ales (strong ales usually between 8 & 14% alc. by vol.), session beers (light ales usually between 3 & 5% alc. by vol.) have been the latest trend. Many want a great flavored beer which they can drink a lot of, and not fall asleep or pass out drunk. I personally find it hard to have any strong beer for lunch because I feel it will drag the rest of my day down. I love a good light crisp ale during the heat of the day.

Bridgeport Brewing has an answer for that thirst. Summer Squeeze Bright Ale. This light crisp ale is brewed with the lemony essence of lemon grass (which oils are also used as a preservative), and the tangerine-like flavors of the yuzu fruit.

I think this could quite possibly be their best new beer to date. I was however a bit disappointed with their latest red ale, and porter. I hope this will bring me back to more Bridgport brews. After all, their IPA was my regular go-to beer back in the day before there were so many more choices!

Bridgport Brewing is having a release party for this beer at their pearl district brewpub location. It will be held on June 2nd at 5:30 PM. Check out their website "HERE" to sing up for their newsletter.

Later I will be compiling a list of my favorite session beers for summer and the hot months. Ones that I feel anybody would easily be able to slam down a few without feeling the need to take a nap, and lounge the rest of the day.

Let's see if this brew holds up to the likes of Red Hooks Sun Rye brew which happens to be one of my most favored session ales.



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