Thursday, May 19

Boneyard Beer To Celebrate 1 Year! Already!

Whenever I get a chance, I always try to get myself some Boneyard Beer. These guys work hard, and are totally cool. I love their ideas, their ways, and their beer. They do things proper. If you are in Bend, hit up The Old Stone Church to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.

"Boneyard Birthday Bash! Boneyard is celebrating year #1! Come get your chug on while enjoying great food from Island Wild and groovin tunes from Truth Hero! Charge is $2.00 entry, and $3 beers. No minors will be allowed. Free schwag giveaways!! Don’t miss the first ever BBB! After party to follow at Velvet downtown Bend!"

From the Bend Bulletin:

“Our first brew batch was on April 18, 2010. That was our brand called Brand 13, and it was 13 barrels. Today we are on brew batch 86,” [Founder and Brewer Tony] Lawrence said. “In our first year we did 1,300 barrels, and in our second year we are going to probably hit 3,500 to 4,000 barrels.”

When the partners brewed their first batch of beers they had four used brewing and fermenting tanks ranging in size from five to 14 barrels, and now all but one of those original tanks have been replaced with five 20-barrel tanks and one 40-barrel tank, and three more 40-barrel tanks set to arrive in the next few weeks will more than double Boneyard Beer’s capacity, he said.

When asked what brand of Boneyard Beer is the best seller, Lawrence said, “without a doubt it’s our RPM IPA,” which he said will be available in six to eight weeks in 16-ounce cans featuring the Boneyard Beer black label with a white skull and crossed blades.

Other than the soon-to-be released canned Boneyard Beer, which will be distributed from Seattle to San Francisco as well as in the Bend area, Lawrence said Boneyard primarily manufactures beer “pretty much for the wholesale trade” to sell to bars and restaurants.

“We’re not like all of the woodsy, outdoorsy brewpubs in the area. We don’t have a restaurant in our brewery,” Lawrence said. “We aren’t brewery intellectuals. We’re gearheads. We work on cars, we ride motorcycles and we brew beer.”

Like I said to Tony when I met him at the Green Dragon in Portland for a meet the brewers night... I mentioned his RPM IPA was responsible for my breakup with my Ex. He sincerely was apologetic! I told him I was kidding, though that is what I was drinking from a mason jar that a buddy filled up for me. At that event, I was one of the first folks to try Armored Fist Imperial CDA.. and was seriously impressed. I told Tony it was one of the best beers I had ever had, and I wasn't lying.

I wish Boneyard the best, and hope to see a lot more of their beers in Portland, and in Washington! Washington... Please!!! ;)



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