Tuesday, May 31

Beer Review: Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp - California Common Ale

As I noted earlier in a post, I was in the process of reviewing the Beer Camp 12-pack from Sierra Nevada which consisted of 4 different beer styles that ranked the highest as favorites from a killer summer beer camp program they do. Website 'Here'.

My first was the Juniper Black Ale, which was for the most part a Black IPA brewed with juniper berries. I thought the beer was outstanding, and I scored it with high marks. Let's see if the California Common Ale hits the spot. All my beer reviews here are typed live as I flow through the reviewing process.

Appearance: (3.5)
- Bottle contained no yeast residue. Poured a clear new penny copper color with a fluffy finger and a half of white head. Slowly it left but a small white ring and barely a dusting left on top. Looks like your standard American Pale.

Smell: (3.5)
- First thing that comes to mind is the word 'floral'. I personally feel the term is overused, and doesn't describe many accurately. This beer however is about as floral as they come.. with the use of hops. Very light biscuit malt, and maybe a touch of bread. The scent seems to be masking what will most likely be a more robust flavor.

Taste: (4.0)
- This beer is reminding me that I have a cavity that needs taking care of. A very thin sweet malt is super clean with light bread and biscuit. Sweet malty sugars.. but not overly sweet. Certainly a grainy earthiness with a crisp hop, but more so floral hop again like the scent. Leafy green, and floral fruits are abundant.

Mouth Feel: (4.0)
- This beer is rather medium in body, slightly syrupy, and chewy. It's great floral qualities wet the palate to make up for the dryness in the sweet and bitter.

Overall: (4.0)
- Overall common is a great way to put it. Where the greatest part of this beer is, is in the floral character. This beers focus isn't on sticky piney resin, but more a solid base malt body with a surprisingly good spring character. Unfortunately the look and smell I'm afraid didn't allow this beer to top my latest review in the camp series.

B+ / 3.88

(BeerAdvocate.com Rating Scale)

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