Sunday, April 10

Slight comparison between Full Sail Black Gold '11 & Goose Island '09

I bought 3 bombers of Goose Island Brand Stout when it hit the shelves of a QFC in a newer portion of Vancouver, WA off 192nd..

I drank one fresh, and even had one only 6 months ago.. all which were hard to drink, and too soon for my palate. Goose Island Stout from the barrel was seriously hardcore. A brew to have only one glass of paired with greatness.. perhaps treated meats, cheeses, and even wines. It is a sipper.

Full Sail... I bought many, and drank many over many periods of time. Right out the gate, I love how I could find the base stout, in bombers, on the shelf of a Safeway... the product before the barrel. Smooth, and well made right out the gate. It, like many, is an American stout... a sweet stout. Not a standard dry Irish stout....

Having many of each, and being rather impaired as I type this.. I just had to do it...

The Goose Island is one to keep for a much longer period of time... and even so I feel it wouldn't make it drink any better. Full Sail already makes one of the best stouts in town, and I think they purposefully make it harder to get because they know it is one of the best stouts. We all know the brewmaster.. and superior masters at work..

I give a greater credit to Full Sail, especially for their 20011 release which I think topped all the last years bottle releases. Easy to drink, full of flavor, and settled well in the stomach.

Yes... I am now a Full Sail Fan Boy...

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