Tuesday, April 5

Beer Review: Russian River Sanctification - A Sour Blonde Ale

This is a very pretty sour. This is one of two that I have not seen up in these parts, so I will have to give credit to Russian River Brewing Co. for slowly but surly expanding their distribution. Especially of their sours. Batch 005, 6.75% Alc... good to go!

This beer very much looks like a lot of their beers, rather it be Supplication, Damnation, or Redemption. Many Golden/Pale/Blonde Ales look much the same, and have the same visual character. Flavor is where this particular style can take many different turns. This particular bottle was rather difficult in getting the cork out.

- Appearance: (4.5)
Pours an ever so slightly cloudy straw pale yellow, big fluffy white head.. sticks around a bit, leaves a steady 1/4" in the glass with lacing all about.

- Smell: (4.0)
Much like the Redemption in the background, but with a Brett twist. Grainy wet biscuit malt bad with a zest, twist of lemon, slight clove, and tart Brett character. Thinking this one would get much more crazy over time. Slight white grape character.

- Taste: (4.0)
Super zesty bright citrus tart sour goodness. Rather spicy in the finish. Light golden bready malts sit quietly in the background while a zesty and spicy lemon tart punch hits the palate with a surprise. Quite good, and quite different.

- Mouth Feel: (4.0)
Rather bubbly, and light. Leaves the mouth watering for more while leaving its dry character behind as a reminder. Very fine tuned.

- Overall: (4.0)
Very good, and full of zesty Brett goodness as this is a 100% Brett sour. Spicy and tongue grabbing it is. I would love to see what a bottle of this would turn out like in a 55 deg. F cooler after about 8 years. Super good, and a very unique sour.

A- / 4.03

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