Wednesday, April 6

Beer Review: Port Brewing Mongo IPA

I have heard a lot about this beer.. and first heard about it when I heard that Hop 15 won't be released as a year around Double IPA anymore. Hearing that this might be better.. I was ok with that. But I rather like a fresh Hop 15 (which is sometimes hard to come by up here in Vancouver, WA or in the PDX area). I really love Ports Fresh Hop IPA 'High Tide'.. but this last years lacked in comparison with the year before that.

This brew rates in at a slightly weaker alcohol content of 8.5%. To me that is perfect for a double IPA. I even wish the 10%+ ones would be called triple IPA's.. and some even are.

Let's get to the review..

- Appearance: (4.5)
This brew pours a glowing orange caramel west coast IPA. Huge thick white head which then settles slowly to a thin blanket of velvet thin foam. Sticky lacing all about the glass.

- Smell: (4.0)
Resinous hops dominate the nose. Pine, grassy herbal notes, and grapefruit citrus zest are big rising over a velvet wave of light biscuity malts. Slight sweet cotton candy flare with a touch of pineapple.

- Taste: (4.5)
Very smooth citrus flavored brew. Pineapple, mango, and pine flavors are blended well with the perfectly sweet bready caramel malt. Wonderful bitter fruit punch of an IPA. It's rather light on the tongue initially.. hardly a touch of alcohol.

- Mouth Feel: (4.0)
Creamy texture with a medium body. Carbonation is just right and not too bubbly. Leaves the tongue a bit dry with it's bitter qualities.

- Overall: (4.0)
This is one killer Double IPA. It just screams 'west coast' all over the place. This is what a west coast IPA needs to be. Well balanced, plenty hoppy, and easy to drink. It's not so overly strong like some other over the top Doubles. Certainly recommend.

A- / 4.25

( rating scale)

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