Thursday, April 28

All-Oregon Belgian Beer Summit at Roscoes

Hit up some mad Belgian style & inspired brews at Roscoes! Tomorrow 4 pm til Saturday.

The Roscoe's All-Oregon Belgian Beer Summit will take place on Friday,
April 29th beginning at 4PM. We will feature 14 Belgian-Style beers
brewed by Oregon breweries. Some of the Breweries (and beers) will be:
Oakshire (Frederic's Lost Arm), Hopworks (Muscles from Brussels),
Boneyard (Whitshack Wit), Upright (Rose City Seven), Laurelwood,
Deschutes, Prodigal Son (Neuer Morgan), Fort George, Double Mountain,
Cascade Barrel House, Beetje, and more.

We will have 5 ounce tasters trays available.

We hope to see you there.

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