Saturday, March 26

I have a beef with competitor growler upcharges

As the title states, I have a serious beef with an establishment that charges extra, or over the standard fill fee for a 64 oz.+ Growler. To me it's a big WTF?

Most standard prices for the glass and beer are around $16 give or take. If you bring the glass back in, it can typically be around $12. I'm already slightly ticked at the $12.. as that is still $3.00 a pint. I remember paying that for a single pint only a few years back. The sudden increase in beer prices is uncalled for I think... but what can I do? Buy PBR? Yeah right..

But if I bring a Laurelwood growler into an establishment... and they want to charge me more because it isn't theirs.. I will walk the hell out of the place. It's plain snobbery, and douchey behavior. With the amount of new found competition out there in the craft beer industry, a smart business would offer a discount for filling glass that isn't theirs. They should be flattered that you brought it to them rather than the location painted on the glass! I mean come on! Doesn't a business want patrons to come in to their joint and buy their beer? It's just not a smart business move in my book. That's all. Drink on!


(My perfect world, a growler full of beer should be $12.. a refill should be $8.75. Just my .02c.)


  1. I was kind of hoping you would name names of said upchargers to help us avoid getting slammed by them.

    /proud owner of 5 growlers

  2. I was surprised to learn Cascade Barrel House has an upcharge. Their explaination is that since it isn't their growler, they can't guarantee the quality (cleanliness) of the inside of the container. Now, what I don't know is if this upcharge applies to "used" growlers of their you bring back for a refill or not.

  3. Kris, that is very odd since even a used growler of their own may be dirty upon bringing it back it. I didn't know they did that since I rarely if ever fill growlers there.

    Also I own about 12 growlers.. they are getting out of control!

    Perhaps it would be a nice project to see which establishments do such a thing. Though.. I still wouldn't be able to bring myself to avoid Cascade... Sang Noir is the nectar of the gods. :P