Monday, March 28

Hopworks 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Has it been only three years? Hopworks will be celebrating their third anniversary party this coming Wednesday, March 30th. It will begin at 11 in the morning, and continue through with the specials until 11pm. The specials include $2 pints (eyes wide open)and 20% off of the merchandise.

Hopworks is most celebrated for it's environmentally friendly establishment and construction. The SE Portland located brewpub is an amazing place, and is quite sustainable. Lets not forget to mention the fact that their beers are quite amazing as well. From a standard like their 7-grain Survival Stout, to a seasonal such as the Ace of Spades Imperial IPA... they stand out over many other beers in Portland because they are just truly better than most. Head brewer and owner Christian Ettinger used to be the brewmaster for Laurelwood brewing back in the days before their current brewmaster Chad. I still often think back to those early days in the old (now defunct) Laurelwood Pizza Co. The beers were amazingly solid right at opening. Perhaps some day Chad may venture out and start up his own joint as well?

Hopworks has grown rapidly, and has won many many awards and picks. Much more than many long time established breweries and pubs. I feel like they have been around forever already as they quickly became a favorite of mine.

Get in there and grab some inexpensive goodies Wednesday! Their staff have always been way cool and friendly, and the food is amazing. Just their Powell Steak & Cheese is pure win.


Hopworks Urban Brewery
2944 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202

Tel: 503 / 232-HOPS (4677)
Fax: 503 / 232-4676


  1. Correction - It will not start at 8 a.m. The specials will run all day, from open to close which is 11 a.m to 11 p.m.

  2. Thanks! Will update accordingly! Cheers and congrats!