Thursday, March 31

Bad news: The UN, AB, & your local craft brewery.

It has come to my attention that local government lobbyists and corporate executives are outraged by the exponential growth in the craft beer industry. Some interesting and amazing things are about to result of this new found movement of buying local, and supporting such an industry.

With the sudden rejection of craft brewers submission to the big dogs such as AB (Anheuser-Busch),they have taken desperate measures to acquire, and thus; gain control of the industry in general. Saddened by the new found fame of pure ingredients, all grain, fresh hops, and experimental wonders of the palate.. AB has taken this issue of unpopularity to the UN (United Nations).

AB has stressed the possible need for military action against such popular craft beer industries such as, but not limited to: Sierra Nevada Brewing, Deschutes Brewing, Stone Brewing, and the likes of Pyramid Brewing..

This threat is serious, and goes against the grain of prosperity and the ability for a business to thrive in a world of competition. It's time to stand, and rise against the threat, as people, as Americans, and as folks who enjoy a damn fine craft beer. It's time to rebel against such a force with the true pure power of consumerism. Stand with me, and purchase a beer full of wonder, and flavor.

Cheers, and Happy April Fools day!


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