Thursday, February 3

Pyramid Outburst: Kind of a nice surprise!

Back when I started getting into craft beer in Portland, Pyramid Apricot and Hefe were all over the shelves. I remember buying quite a bit of both as well as some Thomas Kemper Weizenberry. I remember liking them quite a bit, and were somewhat different from the regular garbage that was around at the time. This is when you could still get a 6-pack of Henry Weinhards Red, and Blackberry-Wheat, the best of what Weinhards offered IMHO and not brewed today out of California and/or contract at Full Sail Brewing.

First thing I noticed, was this is at WinCo already, and the 6-pack is under $7. So I bought two. Now upon drinking it, I think it is the first Imperial IPA I have ever had in a twist-off bottle. Just an interesting observation.

Once opened, a big punch of grapefruit and citrus hop aromas hit my nose. The smell from afar was great. Up close, there is a little more dry, grainy, caramel, and earthy notes. Smells sticky sweet. The flavor is bitter, citrus, and zesty smooth. It is quite solid and balanced. It almost seems like it's way over hopped, but that the variety of hops used..  balanced themselves out while the brew remains sweet enough to make it quite drinkable.

I recommend grabbing this stuff up fresh while you can. I can imagine this beer turning into a 3 month old 6-pack of Green Flash West Coast IPA on the shelf, and turning into a total disappointment. The price is stellar, and is much a shocker like the W'11 Widmer KGB Russian Imperial Stout was. Good job to Pyramid, for finally creating their best beer in bottles to date. Keep it up! I give it a solid 'B'. 


  1. I agree this is a solid beer and an excellent price from Pyramid.

  2. I had a Firestone Walker Double Jack after this, and honestly couldn't say it was any better. Both are very similar and good.