Monday, January 3

Oregon beer lovers help a dozen new pubs, breweries open in 2010

Oregon brewers are forecasting significant growth in 2011, including plenty of new projects, such as the long-awaited expansion of the original Deschutes Brewery Pub in Bend.

"We've been looking at the property next door for 20 years or so," said Deschutes president Gary Fish, "and we were finally able to put together a deal that made sense and will probably double the size of the current pub." They hope to be in the new building by the 2011 Holiday season, though it could be first quarter 2012 when the expansion opens, Fish said.

Fish said Deschutes, Oregon's biggest brewery after Widmer Brothers Brewing, grew at about 12 percent during 2010 and made about 202,000 barrels (6.26 million gallons) of beer. He expects to grow at about the same rate in 2011.

"I think Oregon craft beer is really well situated as the rest of the country starts to catch on," Fish said, "and I see breweries such as Ninkasi (whose production grew 50 percent in 2010) continuing to grow as they reach more markets."

Nice read and article by a very well known beer writer. Take a read at the rest of the story here:

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I look forward to getting over to Coalition, Migration, Columbia River, and Burnside Brewing very soon. And if visiting, and haven't yet had the luxury of Upright Brewings fantastic brews...  you must try them! Cheers!


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  1. I did notice they failed to mention the opening of the Cascade Brewing Barrel House... which in my mind and palate... was the biggest 'win' of them all!