Tuesday, January 11

Moose and Squirrel Russian Imperial Stout Release Set For 01/19/11

"Inspired by our good friend Glenn, this beer is dark as night, thick and rich. Big roast and coffee flavors dominate Moose and Squirrel. Enjoy!"

Haven't yet had the luxury of trying this brew. A little light in my eyes at 8% for an imperial, but I have read that the flavors are very fruity, and are full of esters..  which to me are a great trait in a Russian Imperial style. 

How long has it been since they have bottled their Barleywine? That's the one I really am looking forward to trying...  as it seems very few kegs got spread around a few months or so ago. I always manage to miss it. 

Learned that this RIS will not be bottled this time which is sad...  but at least get over to either of their two locations left...  on 51st NE Sandy Blvd. in Portland, or out in Battleground, WA.

I hope in the future Laurelwood will bottle more of their special brews again. Is bottling really that expensive?


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